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Lura Bertrand Bechtel Jones

Lura and her mother, Viola


Lucas County is in south central Iowa. It was founded in 1846 and the county seat is Chariton.

Lura Bertrand Bechtel Jones was born in Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa on December 22, 1897. She was the daughter of Gilles Joseph Bertrand and Viola Belle Long.

On November 3, 1901 the Patriot reported that Lura was injured.

Four Year old Daughter of Joseph Bertrand Badly Hurt.
Lura Bertrand, the four year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bertrand of this city met with a very serious and painful accident last Friday evening about four o-clock. She and her baby brother were playing on the porch. She was sitting on an overturned bucket, when her brother accidentally pushed her over and she fell off of the porch onto a pointed foot scraper which penetrated her clothing and cut a hole about one inch long through the left side of her abdomen into the abdominal cavity, letting about a foot and a half of the intestines protrude. Three physicians were immediately summoned. They administer an anesthetic and stitched up the would. The inner membranes had to be sewed up before the outer skin could be drawn together. It was a very critical operation, and about two hours elapsed from the time of the accident til the work of dressing the wound was completed and she was made as comfortable as possible. She rests fairly well and is getting along as well as could be expected and if nothing else sets in will get along all right. Mr. Bertrand was working in Osceola on a job of plumbing at the time of the accident. He was telephoned immediately and arrived home the same evening about ten o'clock.

On December 19, 1907 the Herald printed Lura's letter to Santa:

Dear Santa:-I am a little girl 10 years old will you please bring me a Teddy bear and a doll buggy.

She married Egbert Victor Bechtel about 1919. He was born January 18, 1893 in Indiana. His parents were William Bechtel and Laura May Phipp.

Lura and Egbert's children included:
Victor J. Bechtel who was born in 1920 in Indiana,
William G. Bechtel who was born in 1922 in North Dakota, and
Clarice Maye Bechtel Bomgaars who was born in 1925 in North Dakota.

At the time of her sister Blanch's death in 1957 she was living in Van Nuys, California. She died April 18, 1979. She lived with her daughter in Canoga Park, California before she died.

Children of Joseph Bertrand
and Viola Long
  • Marie Louisa Bertrand Shimp
  • Emma Ethel Bertrand Smith
  • Blanch Pauline Bertrand Higgins
  • Frances M. Bertrand Metela Johnson
  • Lura Bertrand Bechtel Jones
  • Franklin Merl Bertrand
  • Izetta Fern Bertrand

  • Lura with her dolls
    Maye Bechtel Bomgaars

    In the 1830s settlers began arriving in Iowa from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia. Iowa became a state in 1846.



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