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Susanna Barbara Bauman Kern

Bauman is also spelled Baughman, Baumann, Boman, and Bowman.

Lush forests in Colonial America allowed settlers to build wooden homes.

The first U.S. railroad opened in the 1830s. In 1869 the first transcontinental railway was completed.

Susanna Barbara Bauman Kern was born October 27, 1768 in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. Heinrich Bauman and Catherine Dreisbach.

She married Christopher Kern. Christopher was born on October 27, 1768 in Heidelberg Township. His parents were William Kern and Maria Salome Baer.

Christopher and Barbara's children included:
Susanna Kern Peters (1796, married Joseph Wilson Peters), Henry Kern (1798, married Catharina Best),
Nicholas Kern (1800),
Daniel Kern (1802, married Lydia App),
John Charles Kern (1805, married Anna Maria Peter and Susan German),
Anna Maria Kern Reber (married John Reber), and
Stephen Kern (1810, married Sarah Kiler).

In 1800 Christopher and Barbara were sponsors at Nicholas Snyder's baptism and in 1801 at Johan Dieter Bauman's Baptism at the Towamensing Church.

Christopher Kern appeared in the 1812 Tax List of Heidelberg Township.

In 1840 the Christopher Kern household appeared in Heidleburg Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. The household included a man between 70 and 79, a woman between 60 and 69, 2 men between 20, and 29, and a girl between 15 and 19.

Christopher died on March 28, 1843. Susanna died on March 8 , 1869 when she was 100 years old. She was laid to rest in Friedens Church Cemetery in Lehigh County Pennsylvania.


Heidelberg Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania originally included Washington Township and Slatington. It is located on Trout Creek and Jordan Creek.

Children of Heinrich Bauman
and Catherine Dreisbach

  • Susanna Barbara Bauman Kern
  • John Dieter Bauman
  • Anna Maria Bauman Schneider (Snyder)
  • Christina Bauman Branstetter
  • Henry Bauman
  • Carbon County, Pennsylvania was created in 1843 from parts of Northampton and Monroe Counties.
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