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Mary Bachtell Buckwalter

Bachtell is also spelled: Bachtel, Baghtel, Baghtol, Bechold, Bechtel, Bechtle, Bechtolt, Bechtold, Beghtel, Beghtol, Buchtel, Pachtel, and Petell.

The First Barbary War (1801–1805) was between the United States and the Barbary States of Tripoli and Algiers.

Mary Bachtell Buckwalter was born on January 2, 1775 in Londonderry, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Her parents were Samuel Bachtell and Margaret Coulston.

She married John (Johannes) Buckwalter on July 27, 1800. John was born on September 14, 1777. John was the son of Johannes Buckwalter and Mary Heberline.

Mary and John's children included:
Samuel Buckwalter (1801, married Mary High),
Elizabeth Buckwalter Wynn (1806, married James Wynn),
John Buckwalter,
David Buckwalter (1807, married Magdalena Halteman),
Henry Buckwalter (1810), and
James Buckwalter (1816).

When Mary's aunt, Grace Coulston Naugle, died in 1815, she left her estate to Mary.

Mary died on January 15, 1833 and John died on January 1, 1864.

Chester County was one of the three original Pennsylvania counties created in 1682.


Mennonites are Christians who reject infant Baptism. In the early 18th century about 2,500 Mennonites fled to Pennsylvania from persecution in the Palatinate. They opposed the Revolution, resisted public education, and did not approve of religious revivalism. They supported separation of church and state, and opposed slavery.

from The History of Chester County

In 1713 the Manovon tract, at what is now Phoenixville, was patented to David Lloyd. The earliest settler upon it was Francis Buckwalter, to whom Lloyd sold 650 acres in 1720, for ?195. Buckwalter, a Protestant refugee from Germany, as subjected when in the Fatherland to many persecutions because of his faith, and it was a matter of family history that he was compelled to read his Bible by stealth, concealed in a cow trough. He finally concluded to flee, and after leaving his home was pursued for 3 days by his vindictive Catholic brothers, who were determined upon his destruction.

His children were Joseph, Jacob, Johannes, Mary and Yost, and from him are descended all of the Buckwalter family in this county.

Of these, Johannes' son John [Buckwalter], b Sept 14, 1777 married July 27, 1800, Mary Bechtel, b Jan 2, 1775, and their children were Samuel, John, David, Henry, James, and Elizabeth, who married James Wynn.

Of these children, Samuel [Buckwalter] the eldest was born May 5, 1801, in East Nantmeal twp, and in 1817-18 went to Charlestown twp to live with his grandfather, Johannes (John), on the farm on which John Henry Buckwalter now resides.

In 1832 he was married by Rev. Jacob Wampole to Mary, dau of Daniel and Margaret High, of Schuylkill twp, by whom he had 7 children - Charles C; John Henry; Samuel R; Elizabeth, married to Enoch J Davis; and Helen Caroline, all living; and 2 deceased,David and Margaret, who died young. Samuel Buckwalter died Feb 26, 1869, and his wife, Mary High, Jan 4, 1850. He was a second time married, in 1855, to Ann Pennypacker, widow of James Pennypacker. He was one of the most systematic farmers in the county and was, with his family, a member of the Mennonite Church.

Europeans who made the voyage to America faced a difficult journey of several months.

from Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chester County, Pennsylvania,

The Buckwalter family in America was founded by Francis Buckwalter, a Protestant refugee from Germany who settled on the Manavon tract, at what is now Phoenixville, in 1720. There he purchased six hundred and fifty acres of land from David Lloyd, the patentee, for one hundred and ninety-five pounds.

His children were Joseph, Jacob, Johannes, Mary and Yost, and from them are descended the numerous Buckwalter family of this section. They have intermarried with some of the oldest and best families in Chester county, and among them have been a number who have distinguished themselves in various lines of activity, including stock raising, finances, merchandising and official station . . .

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