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Benjamin Ricketts, Jr.

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves,
and, under a just God cannot retain it."
― Abraham Lincoln
Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.
A militia is a military unit composed of citizens who are called up in time of need.

Benjamin Ricketts, Jr. was born about 1724 in Maryland. He was the son of Benjamin Ricketts.

Benjamin Sr. patented (certificate 1728) Green Marsh, a plantation of 78 acres, on September 7, 1750. It was on the south side of a long marsh that "falleth" into the west fork of Rock Creek. He was living in Prince George's County then. It had been owned by John Banks.

On December 13, 1756, John Banks of Frederick County, Maryland sold Benjamin Ricketts of Prince George County for 3£, 10s, a tract called Banks Venture in Frederick County on the branches of Rock Creek. John's wife Martha gave consent.

Some genealogists believe that his wife first wife was Eleanor Maxwell and his second wife was Mary Cutchin. A Benjamin Ricketts married Eliner Maxwell on October 18, 1746 at St. John's Parish in Harford County, Maryland. Eleanor died on December 16, 1756.

Mary Cutchin married a Benjamin Ricketts on June 2, 1755 at St. John's Parish, Harford County Maryland. Mary was born on October 14, 1735. Her father was Robert Cutchin.

Starting on September 30, 1775, a Benjamin Ricketts served in Captain William Bradford's Company #13, in Harford County, Maryland Militia.

When his father died in 1788, he inherited the plantations Banker’s Venture and Green Marsh. He also inherited an enslaved person.

It is my desire that my son Benjamin Ricketts should have a negro fellow named Lindy given him by me appraised with the rest of my personal estate and shall discount the value of him as grant of his grant of my personal estate.

In the 1783 Assessment of Montgomery County, Maryland, Benjamin Ricketts, Jr. had Banks Venture, 46 acres in the Seneca Hundred, Green Marsh, 72 ½ acres.

About 1715 English, Scottish and German settlers found their way to the Montgomery County, Maryland area. It was officially established from Charles, Prince George's, and Frederick counties in 1776.

Ricketts is also spelled Rickeots, Rickeotts, Rickett, Rickets, Ricket, Rickel, Rickle, Rickels, and Rickles.




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Pg 151: Benjamin Rickets and Eliner Maxwell [sic] married October 18, 1746


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