An American Family History

Philip LeFevre 1710

LeFevre is also spelled Ferber, LaFevre, LaFever, Lefebre, LeFever,and LeFevere. It is from the original Northern French surname Lefebvre or Lefèvre. It means smith.

Philip LeFevre was born on March 16, 1710. His parents were Isaac LeFevre and Catherine Ferree. He was baptized on April 1, 1711 in Kingston, Ulster County, New York. Isaac Dubois and Rachel DuBois, both of New Paltz, were his sponsors. Their church at New Paltz did not have a minister so they went to Kingston to have him baptized at the Old Dutch Reformed Church, Domine Petrus Vas.

He married Maria Catherine Herr. Her parents were Reverend Christian Herr and Anna Bare. Christian was a Mennonite minister and built the stone house the family lived in.

Maria and Philip's children included:

Isaac LeFevre (1732 married Eve Unknown and Mary Cunkle),
Catherine LeFevre Meek (1733, married Johann Nicholas Meek),
George LeFevre ( 1739 married Anna Barbara Slaymaker),
Elizabeth LeFevre C,hristy (1742, married Henry Christy),
Adam LeFevre (1744 married Elizabeth Paules), and
Jacob LeFevre (1753 married Susanna Unknown and Catherine Peterman).

He died in September, 1761.

The stone house that Philip and Maria lived in
was built in 1719 by her father

Children of Isaac LeFevre and
Catherine Ferree

  • Abraham LeFevre
  • Philip LeFevre
  • Daniel LeFevre
  • Mary LeFevre Deshler
  • Esther LeFevre Harman
  • Samuel LeFevre