An American Family History

Robert Wilson

The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

Robert Wilson was born September 13, 1762 in Maryland. His parents were Robert Wilson and Mary Douglas.

He married Eleanor Shekell (Sheakels, Shechell, Shekels, Shekill) on October 30, 1798 in Montgomery County, Maryland. Eleanor may have been the daughter of Richard Shekell (1744) and Mary Tillard (1748). 

Eleanor and Robert's children included:

Sarah Ann Wilson Poole (1808, married Thomas P. Poole),
Mary Wilson Poole (1812, married Frederick Poole).

In 1810 in Montgomery County, Maryland, the Robert Wilson household included:

Males - 45 and over: 1
Females - 26 thru 44: 1
Females - Under 10: 1
Enslaved people: 10

Robert built a house about 1820 and was mentioned in 1821 tax records.

Robert died in 1833.

In 1835, his daughter, Mary, and son-in-law Frederick Poole, bought the house from his estate.

Children of Robert Wilson and Mary Douglas



Maryland was established with religious freedom for Catholics. The colonial economy was based on tobacco cultivated by Africans who had been enslaved.



from Historic Graves of Maryland and the District of Columbia by Helen West Ridgely

In the upper part of Montgomery county, at Beallsville, beneath the shadow of Sugar-Loaf Mountain, is a secluded and historic spot, known as the Monocacy cemetery. A chapel of ease of All Saints parish, Frederick county, called the Monocacy chapel, stood here as early as 1747, and the parish church of St. Peter's followed in 1770, when this section fell within the borders of a new parish. ...

Robert Wilson, Born Sept 13, 1762; Died March 4, 1835.


from "The Houses of Frederick and Thomas Poole" by Susan Petro

The Frederick Poole House, a large home covered with a distinctive yellow pebble dash exterior and rows of dark green shutters, was built shortly before 1820 and is first mentioned in 1821 tax records as belonging to Robert Willson. Willson passed away in 1833. In 1835, his daughter, Mary Tillard Douglas Willson Poole, and son-in-law Frederick Sprigg Poole, bought the house from his estate.


from West Virginia and Its People, Volume 3 by Thomas Condit Miller, Hu Maxwell

John Poole, the immigrant ancestor, was born in 1769, and died in 1828.... He was the owner of a thousand acres at and about Poolesville. and of much more about Barnesville. From him Poolesville received its name...

He married Priscilla Woodward Sprigg, who was born April 21, 1780, and died August 6, 1866.

Children: 1. John...
2. William Dennis, married Rebecca Dickerson; four children.
3. Thomas P. [Poole], born 1803, died 1890; married (first) Sarah Ann Wilson, (second) Eveline Hyde; children, three by first, four by second, marriage.
4. Eliza, born June 28, 1807, died July 21, 1874; married, May 25, 1825, Leonard Hayes; six children. 
5. Frederick Sprigg [Poole] died June 8, 1888; married Mary Douglas Tillard Willson; seven children.
6. Sarah, born March 5, 1812, died February 12, 1905; married (first) Isaac Jones, (second) Thomas L. Jones; children, two by first, one by second, marriage.
7. Isaac Richard, died September 18, 1844; married Mary Ellen Dawson; no children.
8. Ann Priscilla Woodward, born July 6, 1818, died February 9, 1890; married W. O. Sellman; eleven children.
9. Mary T., born June 3, 1821, died February 15, 1849; married Thomas L. Jones; three children.
10. Martha Deborah (twin of Mary T.), bom June 3, 1821, died October 28, 1888. ,