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James Hendricks


The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia borders Maryland and Virginia. The first European settlers started arriving about 1730.

  also spelled Hendrix, Hendrick  

York County is in south central Pennsylvania and was created on August 19, 1749 from part of Lancaster County.

West Virginia is located in the Appalachians and was originally part of Virginia. The capital and largest city is Charleston. It became a state during the Civil War and was admitted to the Union on June 20, 1863.

James Hendricks was born on August 5, 1722 in York County, Pennsylvania. His parents were John Hendricks and Rebecca Worley.

James married Priscilla Pettit. Her parents were James Pettit and Priscilla Darling.

James and Priscilla's children may have included:

Abigail Hendricks (1743, married John Engle),
Daniel Hendricks (1744, married Jane Buckles daughter of Robert Buckles),
Lydia Hendricks (1748, married William McGrail),
Thomas Hendricks (1749),
Priscilla Hendricks (1749, married William Buckles son of Robert Buckles),
Rebecca Hendricks (1754, married John Van Meter),
Mary Hendricks (1756, married George Adams),
Caleb Hendricks (1758),
James Hendricks, Jr. ( 1760, married Jane Melvin),
John Hendricks (1762, married Elizabeth Snider),
Olive Hendricks (1764), and
Elizabeth Hendricks (1766).

The Hendricks were early settlers in, what is now, the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. They probably arrived about 1760. They lived in a part of Frederick County, Virginia that became Berkeley County, West Virginia.

From Frederick County Road Orders

1 August 1769, Frederick County Order Book 14 Part 2, p. 509
Godwin Swift Henry Lloyd and Thomas Hart having been appointed to veiw the ground from Semples Furnace to the Warm Spring Road made their Report. Ordered that a Road be opened as Laid off by them and that the Tithables Three Miles on Each side work thereon under James Hendricks who is appointed overseer thereof

6 March 1770, Frederick County Order Book 14 Part 2, p. 590
Upon the Petition of Samuel Beall praying that a Road may be opened out of the main Road Leading from Jacob Hites to Mecklenburg through Fosters Land to the Ferrying Water & also to the Ford of Potomack. Ordered that John Taylor John Wright James Hendricks & William Dark or any Three of them being first sworne do veiw the same & report the Conveniences & Inconveniences that may attend the same.

Berkeley County was created from Frederick County in 1772.

Jams Hendrick was on the rent roll of Berkeley County, Virginia in 1772 and Jas. Hendrick in 1777. He had 360 acres. 

In 1790, a James Hendricks was in Jefferson County, Virginia. the household consisted of:

a man and a woman over 45
3 boys and one girl between 10 and 15
an enslaved person

This was probably James, Jr. because the children were too young to be James, Sr's.

Berkeley County, Virginia was created from the northern third of Frederick County, Virginia in 1772. Jefferson County was formed from the county's eastern section. In 1863 Berkeley County became part of the new state of West Virginia.

Rent rolls were lists of landowners showing whether they had paid their annual quit-rents to the Crown. A quick-rent was a feudal remnant and was paid by a freeholder in lieu of services that might otherwise have been required.


Heir Book 1768 Redding township York County in the province of Pennsylvania on the 20 day of May 1760 about 3 o'clock in the afternoon James was born.

James son of Jas Hendricks and Priscilla his wife was born in fradick county in the Collonay of Verginia on Sunday 8 day of April 1762 about one o'clock in the afternoon.




from the History of Clark County, Ohio

The Hendricks family came from Holland to Philadelphia about 1685 and settled at Germantown, Pennsylvania. A grandson of the original emigrants was James Hendricks, who was born about 1720 and married Priscilla Pettit, whose birth occurred about 1725.

They removed to Virginia and they became the parents of the following named sons: Thomas, Daniel, Caleb, James and John

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