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Hampshire County, West Virginia Militia Roll
April 28, 1790


The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia borders Maryland and Virginia. The first European settlers started arriving about 1730.


Appalachia was the 18th century backcountry and many settlers were Scots-Irish. It includes southern New York, western Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Virginia, West Virginia, eastern Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee and northern Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

John Blue captain
Robert Ross  
John Ross  
Garrett Blue  
William Linton  
John Pancake  
James Spilman  
John Reynolds  
John Newman  
Andrew Humes  
George Glaze  
Robert Parker  
William Hanson  
George Newman  
William Newman  
James Dale  
Thomas Cornick  
Barton Davis  
Abraham Blue  
John Williams  
Joseph Hall  
Peter Parker  
Jesse Edwards  
William Beakeman  
Benjamin Belford  
John Elos  
Benjamin Swick  
Isaac Daiton  
John Ross, Jr.  
David Laycock  
Jacob Blue  
William Skidmore  
Samuel Davis  
Samuel Newman  
George Taylor  
Ralph Skidmore  
John Walker  
William Coughran  
Joseph Coughran  
John Donalson  
William Donalson  
Robert Walker  
Samuel Walker  
Robert Buck  
Anthony Buck  
Jeremiah Sullivan  
Patrick Savage  
John Wells  
William Corbett  
Isaac Johnson  
Robert Reynolds  
Henry Hinds  
Samuel Abernathy  
James Halls  
James Smought  
Simon Pancake  
Wheeler Meradeth  
Thomas Davis  
Joseph Williams  
James Starr  
Samuel Shrout  
William Sheets  
William Spilman  
James Wood  
Abraham Skilmon  
Peter Swick  
Henry Barber  
Peter Williams  
John Campbell  
Feildon Calmers  
Benjamin Neale  
Isaac Newman  













Colonial Maryland
Colonial New England
Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
Quakers & Mennonites
New Jersey Baptists
German Lutherans
Watauga Settlement
Pennsylvania Pioneers
Midwest Pioneers
Jewish Immigrants

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