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Robert Taliaferro

  also spelled Tlalifer, Talliaferro, Toliver  

Taliaferro's Branch is on the Rappahannock River in northern Caroline County just across from Dogue, Virginia.

Taliaferro Mount is six miles north of Port Royal in Caroline County, Virginia.

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Robert Taliaferro was born in 1626 in England. He is called "The Immigrant."

Robert immigrated to Virginia by 1647 when he witnessed the will of Robert Meeke of York County.

Researchers differ on the maiden name of Robert's wife, Catherine.

His children probably included:

Francis S. Taliaferro (1652, married Elizabeth Catlett),
John Taliaferro (1654, married Sarah Smith),
Richard Taliaferro (married Sarah Wingfield),
Robert Taliaferro (married Sarah Catlett),
Mary Taliaferro (married Johnson),
Catherine Taliferro (1668, married John Battaile),
Charles Taliaferro (1670, married Mary Carter).

Robert, Sr. was granted 800 acres in Gloucester County, Virginia on February 12, 1651. His land was on Poropotank Creek and at the head of Ware River. Poropotank Creek is near Saluda, Middlesex County, Virginia. The Ware River is part of the Chesapeake Bay estuary.

On March 26, 1666, Robert and Lawrence Smith were granted another 6,300 acres in Virginia in current Rappahannock County near Port Royal.

On November 20, 1672, Mrs. Katherine Taliaferro was granted 600 acres for transporting eight enslaved black people and four English servants "which rights I doe hereby assigne over to my son Robert Taliaferro." (Rappahannock County Records Deed Book 5 , p. 99.)

In 1682, Frances distributed land from their father's estate to his brothers, John, Richard, and Charles.

In 1686 the two youngest children, Catherine and Charles chose their brother Robert as their guardian.

On June 1, 1687, Robert Taliferro, Jr. gave bond for the estate of Robert Taliaferro, deceased.

In 1607 the London Company established Virginia as the first permanent New World English colony.







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