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Francis S. Taliaferro

  also spelled Talliaferro, Toliver  

Francis S. Taliaferro was born about 1654. He was the son of Robert Taliaferro.

He married Elizabeth Catlett. Elizabeth was born about 1663.

Francis and Elizabeth's children may have included:

John Taliaferro (1685, married Agatha Hay)
Robert Taliaferro (1689)
Sarah Taliaferro (1693, married George Mason),
Francis Taliaferro (1695),
Elizabeth Taliaferro (1695, married Thomas Stribling)
Richard Taliaferro (1705, married Elizabeth Eggleston ),
William Taliaferro (1706, married Ann Walker)

In 1682 he gave his brother, John, 1,000 acres inherited from his father. And he gave his brothers, Richard and Charles, 1,600.

He was a justice of Essex County from 1690 to 1700.

On September 5, 1687 Francis and Elizabeth Taliaferro deeded John Battaille 300 acres that John Catlett had left to his daughters.

Francis died in 1710.

In 1710 Elizabeth, as administrator of Francis Taliaferro, presented an inventory of estate. March 20, 1716, John Taliaferro of The Mount, and Thomas Catlett were Elizabeth Taliaferro's administrators.




Old Rappahannock Co Deed Book 7 - 1682-1686; pg 13-15

To all Xpian people to whom these presents shall come I Francis Talliaferro of the County of Gloucester in the Colony of Virginia Gent., Son and heire apparent of Robert Talliaferro of the County of Rappa. in the Collony aforesaid Gent. send Greeting.

Know yee that in as much as my said deced Father joyntly with Laurence Smith of the County of Gloucester and Collony aforesaid did take up and pattent Six thousand three hundred acres of land being in the said County of Rappa: and beginning at the mouth of Ssnow Creekon the South side of Rappa. River & thence running the severall coruses in the Pattent for the same expressed as by the said Pattent dated the 26th day of March Anno Dom: One thousand Six hundred Sixty and six (relation thereto may appeare) and also for as much as

my said deced Father and the said Laurence Smith by their mutuall agreement under their hands and recorded in Gloucester County Court the 16th day of May 1667 did oblige themselves each that if either of them should happen to dye before division of the said lands made the heires of him soe dying should have equall right and propriety with the Survivor.

Now know yee that I the said Francis Talliaferro for the natural love and affection which I beare unto my dear Brothers, Richard and Charles Talliaferro, and the desire I have of their future setticmt. and for diverse other good considerations have granted unto my said Brothers, Richard and Charles Talliaferro, also to their heires Sixteen hundred acres of land part of the abovesd Six thousand three hundred of land and for their heirs to be laid out and bounded with marked trees as followeth (that is to say)

to begin at the upper corner tree of the head of John Talliaferros land by me to him convayed by Deed of Equally date and runing West for length according to the back line of the said Patent and for the breadth upon John Talliaferros land according to the Pattent and all the right wch I now have To have and to hold the said Sixteen hundred acres of land with all its rights unto the said Richard and Charles Talliaferro and their heires forever.

Know yee that I the said Francis Talliaferro doe intend and it is the meaning of these presents that if either of my said Brothers shall happen to die before they attaine to ye age of twenty one yeares that then in such case the above granted sixteen hundred acres shall be and remaine unto ye Survivor

but if when my said Brother, Richard, come of age and doe desire Division of the premisses to be made that he have and it is my intent that he shall have (after division made) his first choice and lastly Know yee that I the said Francis Talliaferro do hereby for myselfe my heires with them my said Brothers their heirs shall quietly have all the above granted prmisses without the lawfull lett of me my heires or any other persons claiming under me In Witness whereof I have sett my hand & seale this 28th day of September 1682 Sealed and delivered in prsence of us
John Mann
Francis Talliaferro
Henry Hill, Clerk
Lewis Burwell
Richard Brooke


1 May 1701

To all Xtian people Wee Francis Taliaferro and Elizabeth his Wife of St. Maries Parish in Essex County send Greeting...

Now Know yee that wee the said Francis Taliaferro and Elizabeth Taliaaferro for Ninety two pounds Sterling money in hand paid by Augustinge Smith of Glocester County have granted the said Augustine Smith a tract of land conteyning Four hundred & sixteene acres being in Essex County

being the one moyety of a Pattent granted to the abovesd Coll. Jno Catlett for Seaven hundred ninety two acres bearing date the 10th day of September 1660 and by his last Will in writing given to his two Daughter, Elizabeth and Sarah. and by their consent divided by Mr. William Moseley, Surveyr: of the said County the fourth of May 1691. . .

In Witness whereof we have sett our hands & seales. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of us
John Catlett,
Fra: Taliaferro.
Jno: Battaile,
Elizabeth Taliaferro,
Charles Smith.. .

two of his Majties. Justices of the Peace for this County doe hereby certifie that Elizabeth Taliaferro did this day come before us in ordr: to ye signing & sealeing this Deed, we did privately examine her whether shee did freely & willingly execute this Deed or whether it proceeded from an compulsion or meanes by her Husband towards her to compell her to the passing away her Inheritance to which shee answered that shee did it willingly without compulsion or coercion of her Husband & there did execute the same before us In Testimony whereof wee have sett our hands the first day of March 1701.
John Catlett,
John Battaile





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