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The Fleenor Family

  Also spelled Flinner, Fleener  

Frederick County, Maryland was created in 1748 from parts of Prince George's and Baltimore Counties. In 1776 it was divided into Washington, Montgomery and, Frederick Counties. In 1837 parts of Frederick and Baltimore Counties formed Carroll County.

Johannes Jacob Fleenor was born in 1721 in Germany. He married Anna Minnic.

Adam Fleenor (1740, married Sarah Funkhouser),
Nicholas Fleenor (1745, married Maria Catherine Fulkerson),
Gaspar Fleenor (1750, Margaretha Andis),
John Fleenor,
Jacob Fleenor,
Michael Fleenor (1760, married Sarah Linder),
Elizabetha Fleenor,
Martha Bessie Fleenor, and
Maria Catharina Fleenor.

The family was living in Frederick County, Maryland by 1767.

Most of the family moved to Washington County, Virginia.

Washington County, Virginia was formed from Fincastle County in 1777. It originally contained Sullivan County, Tennessee.


Nicholas Fleenor was born about 1745.

He married Maria Catharina Fulkerson.

John Fleenor (1766, married Elizabeth Hensley),
Benjamin Fleenor (1774, married Sally),
Henry Fleenor (1779, married Catherine Letty Hortenstine),
Jacob Fleenor (1780, married Nancy Hortenstine),
Christley Fleenor (1786, married Mary Gimbled),
Elizabeth Fleenor (married Adam Fleener and John Gibson),
Mary Fleenor (married Abraham Hortenstine),
Abraham Fleenor (1789, married Nancy Greene),
Isaac Fleenor (1790, married Margaret Hobbs).

On July 12, 1814 John Fleenor filed the first divorce action in Washington County, Indiana against his wife Elizabeth Hensley Fleenor. 



The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) was between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 colonies which became the newly formed United States.

Michael Fleenor was born about 1760 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Johannes Flinner and Anna Minnick.

He married Sarah "Sally" Linder on December 10, 1781 in Three Springs, Washington County, Virginia. She was born on July 08, 1765, in Washington County, Virginia. She was the daughter of (George Anton) Anthony Linder and Mary Newland.

Adam Fleenor
John Fleenor (1780),
Robert Fleenor (1788),
Abraham Newland Fleenor (1790),
Isaac Newton Fleenor (1791), and
Cookerly Fleenor (1799).

Michael served in the American Revolution.

Michael was a Justice of Washington County, Virginia in 1821.

Michael died on August 03, 1837, in Mongle Springs, Washington County, Virginia.  


Isaac Newton Fleenor was born about 1791 in Washington County, Virginia. He was the son of Michael Fleenor and Sarah Linder.

He married his cousin, Lydia Margaret Fleenor on October 24, 1812, in Washington County, Virginia.

Joel B. Fleenor,
Thompson Daniel Fleenor,
Mary Ann Fleenor,
Hiram Fleenor,
John Quincy Fleenor (1823, married Sarah Pitts),
William Perry Fleenor,
Robert Clinton Fleenor,
Elizabeth Jane Fleenor Portlock,
Isaac Fleenor








Page 499 - Nicholas Fleenor
200 ac- treasury
warrant #20702 dated November 11, 1783
on the
waters of Abrams Creek and on Walkers Mountain
corner to his survey of settlement right and on a spur of Walkers Mountain
near Baileys line -
corner to
Richard Moore and Lewis Pitts land
McCarmack's sugar hollow
crossing a branch of Abrams Creek - May 19, 1796





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