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Samuel Edmondson

  also spelled Edminston, Edmondson, Edmundson  

Samuel Edmondson was born about 1738. He was the son of John Edmonston.

He married Elizabeth Edmondson.

David Edmondson,
Mary Edmondson (married Samuel Robinson),
Samuel Edmondson,
John Edmondson,
Martha Edmondson (married William Gilmore), and
Margaret Edmondson (married William Watson).

Samuel Edmiston died in Washington County, Virginia. His will was dated April 27,
1808 and probated on May 17, 1808. He mentioned his sons David, Samuel, and John and grandsons Samuel Edmiston Gilmore, Samuel Edmiston Watson, and Samuel Edmiston.




from Washington County, Virginia Survey Records Abstracts submitted to the USGenWeb archives a by Rhonda Robertson


Page 459 - Robert Crow, assignee of James Montgomery - 49 ac - Preemption Warrant #2029 dated February 12, 1782 - on the south side of the middle fork of Holstein River - corner to Samuel Edmondson's land - February 11, 1796


Page 460 - Thomas Montgomery - 50 ac - treasury warrant #17130 dated June 14, 1783 - on the south side of the middle fork of Holstein River - corner to the old survey - March 14, 1796 Page 460 - James Dysart - 41 1/2 ac - treasury warrant #8482 dated April 5, 1782 - on the north side of the Middle Fork of Holstein River - line of John Orr's land with Robert Allison's land - corner to Samuel Steel & Edmondson's land - corner to William Edmondson & Samuel Edmondson's land - July 15, 1796




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