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Fincastle County, Virginia Militia

In 1774 Governor Dunmore declared war against the indignious Americans. The war ended after Virginia's victory in the Battle of Point Pleasant on October 10, 1774.

Teter Nave

Lord Dunmore’s War

Fincastle County Militia
This company participated in the Battle of Point Pleasant

  Name remarks
Armstrong George  
Berry Francis  
Blackburn Arthur  
Bogard Abraham  
Brooks George  
Burk Ric  
Carmac John wounded
Casey William  
Douglas John sergeant
Fain John  
Fain Samuel
Findley John sergeant
Findley John  
Goff Andrew  
Gray Benjamin  
Hensley Samuel  
Herrall Robert  
Holloway Richard  
Lucas Benjamin  
McAnair James  
Moffet William sergeant
Mongle Frederick  
Mongle Daniel  
Morris Groves  
Nave Conrad  
Newland Abraham  
Newland Isaac  
Price Reese wounded
Riddle George  
Riley John  
Robinson Elijah  
Robinson James sergeant
Robison Julius  
Samples Samuel  
Sayers John  
Sevier Valentine sergeant
Shaw Henry  
Shelby Isaac Lieutenant
Shelby James  
Shelby Evan Captain
Shoat Emmanuel  
Stuart (Stewart) John wounded
Terney Peter  
Terrence Andrew  
Trimble Robert sergeant
Tucker William  
Vance Samuel  
Willi Jarret  
Williams John fifter
Williams Mark killed

Fincastle County, Virginia was created in 1772 from Botetourt County and abolished in 1776. It was divided into Montgomery, Washington and Kentucky Counties.

A militia is a military unit composed of citizens who are called up in time of need.

The Battle of Point Pleasant (Battle of Kanawha) was on October 10, 1774. It was between the Virginia militia and the Shawnee and Mingo. The Shawnee unsuccesfully  attempted to halt the militia's advance into the Ohio Valley.









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