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Major Andrew Lewis' Company


Major Andrew Lewis was born in Ulster, Ireland about 1720. He was the son of John Lewis and Margaret Lynn. The family came to Virginia in 1732.

In 1756 he commanded the Sandy Creek Expedition.

In 1758 he was taken prisoner and taken to Montreal in the expedition under Major Grant.

He was made brigadier-general in 1774 and commanded the Virginia troops at the Battle of Point Pleasant.

He died on September 25, 1781 in Bedford County, Virginia.

  The list of necessary gear for the company included: coats, vests, breeches, shirts, stockings, shoes, hats, shoe buckles, knee buckles, blankets, knap sacks, haversacks, combs, cockades, canteens, shot pouch, powder horn, firelock, bayonete, cartridge boxes, cartridges, garters, and buckles.  

Name occupation Age Birthplace Enlisted     remarks
Adams, Francis shoemaker 24 England Augusta      
Anderson, John planter 23 North Carolina Accomack     deserted
Blankenship, Henry planter 22 Virginia Christerfield     Blankinship
Blankenship, Thomas              
Blanton, William carpenter 22 Virginia Caroline      
Bledsoe, Abraham planter 45 Virginia Culpepper     Blebsher, Bledar
Body, William farmer 30 Scotland Augusta      
Bradford, Thomas mason 30 England Westmoreland      
Brarlmin, Thomas schoolmaster 30 Ireland Augusta      
Brooks, John planter 20 Virginia Hanover      
Bromly, William waterman 25 Virginia Albemarle      
Brown, John tailor 26   Augusta      
Burns, Michael planter 35 Ireland Lunenburg     Burne
Campbell, John planter 31 Scotland Alexa.     Campbel
Currie, David planter 20 Virginia Albemarle     Carrie, Davis
Cody, William              
Cooper, Samuel farmer 23 Pennsylvania Augusta      
Corbin, Peter              
Curls, John shoemaker 22 Jersy Nansemond      
Daniel, John              
Davis, John lawyer 21 Jersy Louisa      
Davis, Thomas farmer 23 England Augusta      
Deadman, Nathaniel planter 45 Virginia Fairfax      
Debord, David planter   Virginia Westmoreland      
Dehay, David drummer 45 England Cumberland      
Donnally, Mark brewer 30 Ireland Augusta      
Donally, John planter 17 Virginia Augusta      
Donald, John planter 22 Virginia Susex      
Easdale, James Indian trader 35 Ireland Frederick      
Edwards, William planter 18 Virginia Westmoreland      
Elliot , Robert farmer   England Augusta     Aliot, Elliott
Evans, Adam farmer 22 Pennsylvania Augusta     Evins
Ewsdale, Samuel              
Fangufer, Dunkin drummer 20 Scotland Prince William County      
Forbes, William planter 25 Scotland King & Queen     Faubous
Fowler, Andrew farmer 22 Scotland Fairfax      
French, William schoolmaster   England Augusta      
Garvin, Moses shoemaker 27 Ireland Augusta     Garsine, Moss
Gaylor, Edward              
Gillions, Brandin planter 38 Virginia Accomack      
Gillions, Elijah planter 22 Virginia Accomack     deserted
Goss, Benjamin planter 20 Virginia Prince George     Ghoss
Gilmore, John farmer 27 Ireland Culpepper      
Goburn, John shoemaker 21 Virginia Caroline     Gobern, Gobourn
Goodson, John sadler 20 Jersy


Green, John farmer 30 Ireland Augusta      
Gwin, Peter planter 22 Virginia Bedford     Guin
Hart, John sailor 24 Ireland Fairfax     Heart
Henshaw, Joseph              
Hicks, Joseph planter 20 Virginia Hanover      
Holland , William blacksmith 30 Ireland Frederick      
Humphries, John- Corp. farmer 23 England Yorktown     Umphris, Humprhie
Hunter, Thomas shoemaker 21 England Lunenburg     Hunber
Johnston, John carpenter 37 Virginia Fairfax      
Kegan, Thomas farmer 26 Ireland Augusta      
Kelly, Lawrence mason 30 Ireland Brumfield      
Larmour, Levin schoolmaster 25 Virginia Accomack      
Lane, Thomas sailor 21 England Culpepper     Lain
Leak, John              
Love, Beverly cooper 18 Virginia Albemarle     deserted
Lueaner, William farmer 27 Ireland Augusta      
Mander, William farmer 43 England Augusta      
Martin, Richard carpenter 21 Virginia King William     Martain, Markin
May, Jesse planter 24 Virginia Amelia     Jersey
McDonald, Patrick              
McIntire, John farmer 25 Ireland Augusta     McEntire
McPehe, Patrick              
McPike, Patrick soldier 53 Ireland Fairfax      
Mitchell, John planter 19 Ireland Brumfield      
Moss, ?aby planter 25 Virginia Nansemond      
Murphy, Robert              
Parkinson, James roper 23 England Augusta     Perkinson
Picket, Henry sawyer 19 Virginia Augusta      
Ponty, John carpenter 20 Maryland Augusta      
Raffety, Thomas shoemaker 22 Ireland Nansemond      
Raby, Moses              
Riley, Barney sailor 23 Ireland Fairfax     Reiley
Riley, John farmer 26 Ireland Augusta     Reilly
Ricket, Henry              
Rigg, Thomas              
Riggan, Thomas              
Roberts, Joseph skener 30 Ireland Augusta      
Rogers, Francis gardner 32 England Nansemond     Roger
Rogers , Benjamin planter 22 Virginia Nansemond      
Rolly, Laure              
Royalty, Daniel planter 29 Virginia Albemarle     Ryaltree
Scully, Micael butcher 44 Ireland James City      
Simpson, William farmer 23 Virginia Acomack      
Shifflet, Thomas planter 21 Virginia Louisa     Shifflest
Smith, John farmer 30 Ireland Augusta      
Smith, Levi planter 16 Virginia Augusta     Lewis
Smith, William shoemaker 27 Virginia Prince William     Corp.
Stinshaus, Joseph shoemaker 23 Virginia Caroline      
Swinburn, John sailor 40 England Spotsylvania      
Swiney, Laurence Indian trader 40 Ireland Augusta     Terrence
Tapman, Joseph planter 22 Virginia Accomack      
Tate, David Indian trader 40 Ireland Augusta      
Teager, John farmer 23 Scotland Fairfax     Tegar
Thompson , William              
Waters, John blacksmith 41 England Nansemond      
Walton, John              
Wildridge, John tailor 19 Virginia Albemarle     deserted
Wilk, Edmund             With
Williams, Charles              
Williams, James planter 21 England Augusta      
Willow, Joseph shoemaker 24 Virginia Henrico      
Wills, Joseph              
Wilton, Joseph H.              
With, Edward planter 34 Virginia Westmoreland      
Wright, Thomas hatter 26 England Hanover     - Corp.








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