An American Family History

Rose Tuller Schmegelsky

Before World War I it was Matsiov in Kovel, Volhynia in the Russian Empire. Between the wars it was Maciejów, Kowel, Wolyn in Poland. After World War II it was Lukov in the Soviet Union. Today it is Lukiv in the Ukraine. It has also been called Motchiov, Matzif, Matseev or Matsiv (Yiddish), Matseyuv, Matseyev, and Matseyiv.

Rose Tuller Schmegelsky was born in Matsiov, Kovel, Volhynia, Russian Empire which is now Lukiv, Ukraine. She was the daughter of Motel Tuller.

She immigrated to England where she married Joseph Schmegelsky in June, 1934 in Stepney, Middlesex. (Volume 1C, page 516)

Her family in America kept in touch with her at 280 Amhurst Road, Stoke Newington, N. 16 and 9 Bayston Road, London, N.16.