An American Family History

Patrick Austin Moran Treahy


Patrick Austin Moran Treahy was born in 1868 in Batticaola, Ceylon. He was the son of John Bartholomew Treahy and Sarah Healy.

Patrick married Gertruida Theodora Collette at St. Joseph's church in Batticaola on September 9, 1897. Gertrudia was born March 16, 1869. Her parents were George William Collette and Theodora Frederica de Koning.

Gertrudia married Edward Bingham Jonklass on June 5, 1907.

Batticaloa is the provincial capital of the eastern province of Sri Lanka. It became part of the British Empire in 1815 and was called Ceylon.



George William Collette, Surveyor, born at Jaffna, 9th September 1842, died at Negombo, 1930 ... married at Batticaloa ... 26th December 1865, Theodora Frederica de Koning, daughter of Henricus Harmanus de Konig and Dorothea Theodora Collette...

Of the first marriage, he had: Gertrudia Theodora, born 16th March 1869, married:

(a) In St. Joseph's Church, Batticaloa, 9th September 1897, Patrick Austin Moran Treahy.

(b) In the Reigstrar's Office, Batticaloa, 5th June 1907, Edward Bingham Jonklaas, Inspector of Police, born 18th September 1862, son of Henricus Cornelis Jonklaas and Agnes Susanna de Vos. (from The Journal of the Dutch Burgher Union.)