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Samuel Abby
v. Mary Easty, John Willard, and Mary Witheridge

  Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Volume - 1 Page 124

The Salem witch trials were between February, 1692 and May, 1693.

Goodman was a courtesy title before the surname of a man not of noble and Goodwife or Goody was the courtesy title for a married woman not of noble birth.

The Deposistion of Samuell Abby aged about 45 years who testifieth and saith that

on the 20th of may 1692 I went to the house. of constable Jno. putnam: about 9 a clock in the moring and when I came there: Mircy lewes lay on the bed in a sad condition and continewing speachless for about an hour: the man not being at whom: the woman desired me to goe to Tho. putnams to bring Ann putnam to se if she could se who it was that hurt mircy lewes

accordingly I went: and found Abigail williams along with ann putnam: and brought them both to se mircy lewes: and as they ware a goeing along the way both of them said that they saw the Apperishtion of Goody Estick and said it was the same woman that was sent whom the other day

and said also that they saw the Apperishtion of the other woman that appered with goody estick the other day and both of them allso said that the Apperishtion of goody Estick tould them that now she was afflecting of mircy lewes

and when they came to Mircy lewes both of them said that they saw the Apperishtion of goody Estick and Jno. willard and mary witheridge afflecting the body of mircy lewes: and I continewing along with mircy who continewed in a sad condition the greatest part of the day being in such tortors as no toungue can express: but not able to spake:

but at last said Deare lord Receive my soule and againe said Lord let them not kill me quitt, but att last she came to hir self for a little whille and was very sensable and [and] then she said that goody estick said she would kill hir before midnight because she did not cleare hir so as the Rest did. then againe presently she fell very bad and cried out pray for the salvation of my soule for they will kil me

Jurat [one who has taken an oath] in Curia [a court of justice]
Sep'r. 9th. 92

Deacon Edward Putnam (1654-1747) was about 38 at the time of the trials. His parents were Thomas Putnam and Ann Holyoke. He married Mary Hale. His brother was Thomas Putnam.
Ann Putnam was 12 years old at the time of the trials. She was the daughter of Thomas and Ann Putnam. Ann died in 1716 and was the only girl to apologize.
Constable John Putnam. Jr. (1627-1710). His parents were John Putnam and Priscilla Gould. He married Rebecca Prince.

Abigail Williams was about 11 at the time of the trials. She lived with her uncle, the Reverend Samuel Parris.

Samuel Abbe (Abbey, Abbey) was the son of John Abbe and was born about 1646. He died in Windham, Connecticut on March, 1697/98.

Mercy Lewis was a servant in Thomas Putnam's home. She was born in Maine about 1673 and lost both parents in Indian attacks at a young age.

Many factors led to the witchcraft accusations in Salem.



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