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Mary Walcott v. Mary Easty

  Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Volume 1, Page 121  

Mercy Lewis was a servant in Thomas Putnam's home. She was born in Maine about 1673 and lost both parents in Indian attacks at a young age.

The Salem witch trials were between February, 1692 and May, 1693.
Mary Towne Estey was a victim of the Salem witch delusion on September 22, 1692.

The Depoestion of Mary Walcott who Testifieth and saith on
the 20th of may 1692 about twelve of the clock

I saw the Apparrtion of goody Eastteck come and pinch & choake me and terrified me much and she told me that she had blinded al our eyes that ware afflicted only mersy Lueies for she said that she had not power to doe itt on that day she was cleared

on this 20th Instante of may 92 about an hour by sun I went to mr John Putnams to see mersey Lueis and their I saw the apparition of the above said goody Easteck a choaking of mersey Lueis and pressing upon hur breast with her hands and I saw hur put a chane aboute her nick and choaked her and all the while I was their I saw her hurting of her griveiously and she told me that she would kill her this night if she could

Sworne Salem Village May 23rd 1692

before us John Hathorne
Jonathan Corwin

mary Walcott further testifieth that on 23 may 1692 mary Estick did most greviously torment me during the time of hir examination also the day I saw hir or hir Apperanc most greviously torment mercy lewes Eliz Hubbrt and ann putnam and

I veryly be leve in my hart that mary Estick is a most dreadfull wicth and that she hath very often most dreadfully tormented me and parsons above named by hir acts of wicthcraft.

Mary walcot declared before the Jury of Inquest that the above
written evidence and that on the other side of this paper: is the
truth: upon oath:

Aug'st 4 1692

Mary Walcott was about 17 at the time of the trials. She was the daughter of Captain Jonathan Walcott. She married Isaac Farrar and David Harwood. Her step-mother was Deliverance Putnam.

John Hathorne was born August 5, 1641 in Salem. He was distinguished in civil and military life and participated in the Indian wars. He was a magistrate and a cruel and intolerant judge during the witchcraft delusion.

Judge Jonathan Corwin was born 14th of November, 1640. He presided at the Salem court on June 2 and 28, August 3 and September 9 and 17 where nineteen persons were tried, condemned and executed for witchcraft.

Very little is known about Elizabeth (Betty) Hubbard.

Salem is in Essex County, Massachusetts and was a significant seaport in early America. John Endicott obtained a patent from England and arrived there in 1628. Salem originally included much of the North Shore, including Marblehead. Salem Village also included Peabody and parts of Beverly, Middleton, Topsfield, Wenham and Manchester-by-the-Sea.

Deacon Edward Putnam (1654-1747) was about 38 at the time of the trials. His parents were Thomas Putnam and Ann Holyoke. He married Mary Hale. His brother was Thomas Putnam.
Ann Putnam was 12 years old at the time of the trials. She was the daughter of Thomas and Ann Putnam. Ann died in 1716 and was the only girl to apologize.
Constable John Putnam. Jr. (1627-1710). His parents were John Putnam and Priscilla Gould. He married Rebecca Prince.

Goodman was a courtesy title before the surname of a man not of noble and Goodwife or Goody was the courtesy title for a married woman not of noble birth.

Essex County, Massachusetts was created on May 10, 1643 by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, when it ordered "that the whole plantation within this jurisdiction be divided into four sheires."


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