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Francis Worley

Chester County was one of the three original Pennsylvania counties created in 1682.

Francis Worley was born before 1700 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Francis Worley, Sr. and Mary Brassey.

He married Charity Ragan.

Daniel Worley (1726, married Maria Susannah Cley),
Jacob Worley (1728, married Hannah Browne)
Nathan Worley (1730),
James Worley (1731),
Henry Worley (1732, married Ruth Norland),
Francis Worley (1733, married Ruth Collins),
Samuel Worley (1734),
Mary Worley (1736, married Peter Shugart),
George Worley (1738, married Wahnenah Bear),
Lydia Worley (1741, married George Eichelberger), and
Thomas Worley (1745, married Susannah Baker).

In 1718, they lived in Hemfield Township

On August 11, 1736, a Francis Worley, Jr. signed the Letter of the Germans to the Governor of Maryland. On October 21, 1736 a warrant for the signators was issued "for contriving signing and publishing a seditious paper and writing against his Lordship and this government."

In 1746, Francis moved to York County, Pennsylvania.

Francis Worley signed his will on June 17, 1768 in Manchester Township, York County, Pennsylvania. It was probated on August 10, 1768 in York County. The executors were Daniel Worley and John Updegraff.











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