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Nathan Worley (1730)
Thomas Worley (1745, married Susannah Baker)




Nathan Worley was born about 1730 in Pennsylvania.

He married Abigail Lott.

Nathan and Abigail's children may have included:

Daniel Worley (1753),
Francis Worley (1755),
John Worley (1755, married Nancy Hendry),
David Worley (1756, married Catherine Baker),
Jacob Worley (1762),
Rebecca Worley (1764),
Mary Worley (1768)
Ruth Worley (1772)
Nathan Worley(1774)
Lydia Worley,

In 1810 David, Nathan, Frederick and Thomas Worley were in Washington County, Virginia.

Washington County, Virginia was formed from Fincastle County in 1777. It originally contained Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Frederick County, Virginia was formed in 1743 from Orange County. Old Frederick County included all or part of four counties in present-day Virginia: Shenandoah, Clarke, Warren, and Frederick, as well as five in present-day West Virginia: Hardy, Hampshire, Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan.

John Worley was born about 1755.

He married Nancy Hendry about 1772 in Frederick County, Virginia.

Nathan Worley (1773),
Elizabeth (Betty) Worley (1777),
Mary Worley (1779),
George Worley (1781, married Hannah Davis),
William H. Worley (1783, married Nancy Waling),
Isaac Worley (1786, married Margaret Crow),
Francis Worley (1788), and
Hiram Worley (1789, married Bethany Smalling).

They moved from the Shenandoah Valley (now Frederick County, Virginia) to Washington County, North Carolina (now Carter County, Tennessee) soon after the Revolution. They settled near Elizabethton, Tennessee in a section known as Turkeytown.

In 1794, John Worley was on Captain Carriger's tax list in Washington County.

In 1796, John Worley was listed in the Carter County, Tennessee tax list.

John was one of the first jurors in the new Carter county.

The next term [1796] of the court was also held at Tipton's. At that time Nathaniel Taylor and Nathaniel Folsom were allowed $50 for laying off the town for the seat of justice. The sheriff returned the following venire facias:

William Dugger, George Ingle, John Stover, John Fentress, Mathias Wagoner, Levi Loyd, Jeremiah Campbell, William Pugh, William Davis, William Dugger, Jules Dugger, Joseph Ford, John Worley, Stephen Redman, John Poland, James Range, Michael Hyder, John Peoples and Robert Lusk. The last ten were constituted the grand jury.

On July 13, 1799, Mary Worley of Carter County, Tennessee bought an enslaved woman named Minnie, from John Powers of Frederick County, Virginia. Abraham Hendry witnessed sale.

Worley Mill was located 5 miles from what today is known as Highway 11.

John Worley to James I Tipton; transfer of land in 1806. Joseph Worley, Witness

Carter County, Tennessee was organized from Washington County on April 9, 1796. Elizabethton is the county seat.











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