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John Webb

Berks County, Pennsylvania was formed on March 11, 1752 from parts of Chester County, Lancaster County, and Philadelphia County. Northwestern parts of the county became Northumberland County in 1772 and Schuylkill County in 1811.

John Webb was born about 1750 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of George Webb.

He moved with his father to East Tennessee about 1777.

John signed the 1777 petition of men living on the north Holston River complaining about the division of Fincastle County. They felt the line was not equitable and the court house was too far away.

In the 1779 Washington County court records:

John Webb vs. Wm. Cobb. Cavit continued to May court.

Rachel Webb (married George Greenway)
Nelly Webb (1782, married Joseph Greenway).

In 1782 John Webb received North Carolina Patent No. 140 for 625 acres lying on the southern bank of the Holston River. His property was bordered by Jonathan and David Webb on the west and Benjamin Webb on the east.

In 1784, John was granted 5,000 acres in Greene County, Tennessee.

John died before 1813.

Jonesborough in 1857



from Land Grant Abstracts, "W" Surnames
Botetourt County, Virginia
John Webb 25 Jan 1799 Botetourt County 1240 a.
Extending into Montgomery on Sinking Creek a branch of New River adjoining the land of George Taylor Grants No. 41, p. 67

Julius Webb 16 may 1799 Botetourt County 50 a. Adjoining the land of John Webb, the land he lives on, & the land of George Taylor Grants No. 41, p. 259 and Grants, Botetourt Co., Va:

John Webb, assignee of John Lackland, 24 Apr 1802 Botetourt County 117 acres in Botetourt County on Sinking Creek a branch of New River.


from Sullivan County, Tennessee, Deed Book 6, p. 439
Transcribed by Robert W. Keyes Jan 11, 2005
Source: FHL film #972707

Know all men by these presents that we George and Joseph Greenway who are married to the only Daughters of John Webb Deceased both of the County of Sullivan and the State of Tennessee have this day and by these presents do constitute and appoint Colonel John Tipton of said County and State our attorney

And we do hereby authorise and empower the said John in our names to sell Transfer and dispose of to such person or persons as he may think proper our wright and interest two entries made by John Webb (our Father in law) in his life time in Armstrong Office of

two thousand five Hundred acres each one entry of No. 2545 and the other 2548 both entries made May 25th 1784

No. 2548
John Webb
2500 in Green County on the waters of Missippi River
Begining at the North East corner of Phillip Vass's Entry Claim or survey No. 2547
thence runing several courses so as to include the compliment the other
May 25th 1784

No. 2545
John Webb
2500 in Green County
on the East side of the Mississippi River
Begining at a point on the Banks of the River in the center or half way between the mouth of Abram River and the mouth of Rutfoot River
thence running from that point on Bluff East thence North thence West to the River Mississippi so as to include the complement

and further to do every such act in our name as the said John may deem expediant to enable him effectually to dispose of said entries or to draw Warrants thereon or do as whatever else with said entries that the said John may think proper and as may best suit him and to recover Payment and to give all such acquittances and Receipts in our names as may be deemed necessary and we the said Geo and Jos Greenway and our heirs will at all times here after ratify confirm and make good all and every such act or acts as the said John our said attorney shall and may do in the premises

In Witness whereof we have hereunto this 9th day of September one thousand eight hundred and thirteen [1813] set our hand and affixed our seals

In presence of [no other witnesses]
Geo. Greenway (seal)
Joseph Greenway (seal)
State of Tennessee Sullivan County September the 9th 1813

This day personally appeared before me Joseph Wallace chairman of the Court of Pleas and quarter sessions Jos and Geo Greenway and acknowledged the foregoing power of attorney for the purposes therein specified Joseph Wallace chairman of Sullivan County Court

I certify that Joseph Wallace who hath subscribed his name to the foregoing Power of attorney was an acting Justice of the peace in the County of Sullivan at that date and also is at this date - Matthew Rhea Clerk of said County (seal) Court do subscribe my name and affix the seal of office this 10th day of September 1813 Matthew Rhea CSC (19th Aug 1814)


Sullivan County, Tennessee Land Warrants for Heirs of John Webb
Source: Tennessee State Library and Archives
Transcribed by Robert Keyes Mar 25, 2005

Acts Passed at the First Session of the 10th General Assembly of the State of Tennessee Begun and held at Nashville, on Monday the Twenty-first Day of September, One thousand eight hundred and thirteen [1813]

An act for the relief of the heirs of John Webb, deceased Whereas it appears to this General Assembly that on the twenty fifth day of May, seventeen hundred and eighty four [1784], John Webb made two entries in John Armstrong's office for two thousand five hundred acres each, one of number two thousand five hundred and forty five, and the other of number two thousand five hundred and forty eight, both in Greene county on the waters of the Mississippi river, for which entries the consideration money was fairly paid and warrants issued thereupon

on the twelfth day of January seventeen hundred and eighty five [1785]-- and whereas it appears that the above recited warrants have been so lost or mislaid, that the rightful owners thereof cannot derive any benefit from said warrants and as by reference to the books, it will clearly appear that no grant or grants have ever isssued on the before mentioned warrants.

Therefore Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly for the state of Tennessee, That the commissioner of East Tennessee is hereby directed to issue to George and Joseph Greenway, the only heirs and legal representatives of the said John Webb deceased, duplicate land warrants to the amount of five thousand acres, in such parts and parcels as they may direct, expressing in the face of said duplicate warrants the same are to be satisfied in the tract west and south of the congressional reservation

Sec. 2. Be it enacted, That this act shall not in any wise affect the title of any person or persons claiming or to claim as assignee or assignees of said John Webb, deceased, or of his legal representatives in virtue of said original warrants or either of them.

Th. Claiborne,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Robert C. Foster
Speaker of the Senate.
November 1st, 1813

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