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Torbett Family

  also spelled Talbott, Tarbet, Tarbett, Torbit, Torbitt, Turbit  

Robert Torbett  was born about 1697.

He married Agnes Finlay.

Agnes Torbett,
John Torbett (1729),
Hugh Torbett (1740), and
James Torbett (1745).


John Torbett born about 1729.

Robert Torbett
John Torbett
Alexander Torbett
Samuel Torbett
Moses Torbett
James Torbett
Elizabeth Torbett
Margaret Torbett
Jean Torbett

John Tarbet of Barree Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, wrote his will on March 2, 1785. He left his wife, Margaret, one-third of his moveable estate, except his clothes and books, her bed and saddle, a tea kettle, a coffee mill, her wearing apparel, and her things from before they were married. He left his son, Robert, one-third of his real estate, two-thirds of his personal estate, his clothes and books, and a saddle and bridle. He left equal shares of the remaining two-thirds of his real esatate to his sons John, Alexander, Samuel, James, and Moses. He left five shillings to his daughters Elizabeth, Margaret, and Jean.

His will was proved in court on January 2, 1786.

In 1788, John Turbitt, deceased was listed in Barree Township with 50 acres of warranted land.

Barree Township, Pennsylvania was formed in 1767 and was originally part of of Cumberland County, then it became part of Bedford County until 1787 when it became part of Huntingdon County.


Hugh Torbett was born about 1740 at sea.

He married Sarah Allison.

John Torbett (1771, married Catherine Payne),
Alexander Torbett (1773, married Agnes Hughes, daughter of William Hughes), and
Sarah Torbett (1776, married David Blevins).

Hugh died in 1788 in Pennsylvania.

In 1788 the widow Tabott received 196 acres and 106 perches of the Shaver's Creek Manor tract.

After the death of their parents, the Torbett children left Barree Township and moved to Sullivan County, Tennessee to be near some of their cousins who had already moved into that area.


John Torbett was born about 1771 in York County, Pennsylvania. His parents were Hugh Torbett and Sarah Allison.

He married Catherine Payne.

Catherine and John's children probably included:
Sarah A. Torbett (1815, married Thomas F. Malone),
Samuel Torbett (1817),
Hugh Torbett (1818, married Elizabeth Smith and Sadie Hodge),
John Torbett (1820, married Martha Jane Scott and Sarah Ann Hodge),
Joseph Torbett (1821),
James Alexander Torbett (1825, married Martha E. Scott),
Allen E. Torbett (1826),
Josiah Torbett (1828, married Sarah Elizabeth Hall),
Martin Torbett (1831), and
Hannah Torbett (1833).

John Torbett was in McClellan's Company in 1836.

John died about 1838 in Piney Flats, Tennessee.


Joseph Torbett was born about 1773. His parents were Hugh Torbet and Sarah Allison.

Samuel Torbett (1801, Lydia McCorkle daughter of Samuel McCorkle),
Allen Torbett (1802),
Lucinda Torbett (1805, married Josiah Hodge),
Hannah Torbett (1807, married Michael Massengill),
Susannah Torbett (1810, married George McCorkle son of Samuel McCorkle),
John Torbett (1813, married Margaret Hall),
Mary M. Torbett (1818, married Christopher Himes), and
Amanda Torbett (1821).









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