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The Tobias Smith Family

  also spelled Smyth  
In 1774 Governor Dunmore declared war against the indignious Americans. The war ended after Virginia's victory in the Battle of Point Pleasant on October 10, 1774.

Tobias Smith was born on March 16, 1725 in New Castle County, Delaware. He was the son of Hans Jurgen Smidt and Maria Stalcop. He was a hat maker.

He married Mary McDonald. Mary was born on January 19, 1730 in Augusta County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Bryan McDonald and Catherine Robinson.

They settled in what would become Washington County, Virginia.

Jonas Smith (1750, married Annabel Smith and Mary Kincannon),
Catherine Smith (1756, married Michael Sellers and Elisha McNew),
Rebecca Smith (married Jacob Crabtree),
Edward Smith (1762, married Hannah Crabtree),
George Smith (married Sarah C. Huffaker), and
Elizabeth Smith (married Ezekial Kelly).

In 1753 ,Tobias worked on an extension of the road from William Carvin's to Charles Milligan's at the head of Looney's Mill Creek with William Ralston and his sons, Charles Milligan, James McDonald, Joseph McDonald, Edward McDonald, Joseph Robinson, David Robinson, James Gatlive, Archibald Graham, David Miller, Daniel McCormick, and Joshua McCormick.

In 1754, Tobias had, 254 acres on a small branch of Roanoke joining William Snodgrass and his own land surveyed.

[William Snodgrass] owned a plantation midway between Blountville and Bristol and his home stood on the lot where D. Akard's house now stands (1909). Here he entertained hospitably. It was one of Andrew Jackson's favorite resting places when on his way to and from Washington.

In 1755, Tobias was granted 330 acres on branch of Buffalo Creek.

In 1760, Tobias Smyth leased 330 acres to William Preston in Augusta County on the waters of the Roanoke.

In 1774, George Smith and Jonas Smith were in Campbell's Company during Lord Dunmore's War.

In 1780, Edward was in the Battle of Kings Mountain under Colonel Campbell

On August, 15 1781, commissioners for the District of Washington and Montgomery Counties certified that Tobias Smith was entitled to 200 acres in Washington County on waters of the north fork of the Holston, on south side of Walker's Mountain adjoining James Glynn and, Jonas Smith.

Tobias died in November, 1781 in Washington County, Virginia.

On November 21, 1781, Mary Smith and Jonas Smith were granted administration m on the estate of Tobias Smith. Their securities were James Dysart and Edward Smith

His estate was appraised on February 18, 1783 and was settled on April 21, 1784.

Augusta County, Virginia was formed in 1738 from Orange County and was vast territory including West Virginia and Kentucky.
1770 - southern part became Botetourt.
1776 - parts became Monongalia, Ohio, and Yohogania.
1778 - area west of Ohio River became Illinois County.
- northeastern part became Rockingham.
- southwestern part was combined with part of Botetourt to form Rockbridge
1788 - northern part combined with part of Hardy to become Pendleton.
1790 - western part was combined with parts of Botetourt and Greenbrier to form Bath.
Virginia county formation was complex and some of the above counties were further divided or disbanded.

The Battle of Kings Mountain was a decisive battle of the American Revoluton. It took place on October 7, 1780, nine miles south of the present-day town of Kings Mountain, North Carolina. The Patriot militia defeated the Loyalist militia commanded by British Major Patrick Ferguson.


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