An American Family History


Smith Cross Cemetery


Sullivan County, Tennessee


Akard, Sarah Adeline Smith

1855-1887 married Henry Joseph Akard, daughter of John H. Smith  
Cross, Abraham 1751-1845

Cross, Addie 1871-1889 (daughter of Samuel Looney Cross)

Cross, Adeline Shoun 1837-1890 (wife of John F. Cross)

Cross, Clint C. 1894-1897 (son of Samuel Looney Cross)

Cross, Infant   (daughter of Samuel Looney Cross)

Cross, John F. 1832-1910 (son of Elijah and Catherine Cross)

Cross, Laura J. 1871-1898 (second wife of Samuel Looney Cross)

Cross, Mary “Polly" Malone Hicks

1813-1901 (wife of Elijah Cross)  
Cross, Samuel Looney 1849 (son of Elijah Cross and Mary Malone)

Cross, Sarah Catherine Webb 1854-1892 (wife of Samuel Looney Cross and daughter of Benjamin Webb)

Deck, Elizabeth (Bettie) Smith 1812 (daughter of John Smith, wife of Simon Deck)

Deck, Simon 1810-1890

Massengill, Nancy Ann Cross Smith 1820-abt. 1849

Smith, Catharine Humphreys 1787-1881 (wife of John Smith)

Smith, David Hart

Smith, Henry 1749-1820    
Smith, John 1786-1829

Smith, John Humphreys

Smith, Malinda A. Matthews 1813- July 8 1878 wife of John Humphreys Smith

Smith, Mary 1760 wife of Henry Smith  
Smith, Mary Powell   wife of David Hart  
Webb, James 1807-1884 (unmarked, husband of Polly Smith)

Webb, Polly Smith 1817

Webb, William dates illegible












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Jewish Immigrants

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