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Smalling Family


Robert Smalling

In 1810 Robert Smalling's will was probated in Sullivan County.

wife Nancy
son Abraham receives the land

  Bretney Smalling married Hiram Worley (1789, son of John Worley) in Carter County, Tennessee  

Solomon Smalling

Solomon Smalling was a captain in the 1790 Sullivan County militia.

In 1796 a Solomon Smalling was in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

  In 1830, a Catherine Smallling was in Piney Flats, Sullivan County, Tennessee.  

Robert Smalling was born about 1779.

He married Nancy Agnes Oliver on April 14, 1815.

Solomon Smalling (1816)
Elizabeth Smalling (1818),
Maramaduke W. Smalling (1820, married Nancy Jane Baker),
Robert Washington Smalling, Jr. (1825, married Harriet Shell),
Samuel A. Smalling (1830)
Amanda Smalling (1832)
Abraham Gregg Smalling (1832, married Sarah Jane Johnson),
Martin Smalling (1833)

In 1840, a Robert Smalling was in Piney Flats, Sullivan County, Tennessee.

In 1850 Nancy Smalling born 1797 in North Carolina. The household consisted of



Thomas Smalling was born about 1788.

In 1809 Thomas Smalling married Rachel Smith in Washington County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Zebulon Smith.

Ellen Smalling (1810) married David Looney Cross),
John Smalling (1811)
Matilda Smalling (1812, married David Jones)

In 1830, Thomas was in Piney Flats, Sullivan County, Tennessee.

In 1840 Thomas was in Piney Flats, Sullivan County, Tennessee.





Thomas Smalling

He married Catherine Kelly on August 6, 1797 in Botetourt County, Virginia.

Samuel Smalling (1800, married Anna Hendrix (Hendricks))


  In 1798 a Samuel Smalling was in Carter County, Tennessee  

Samuel Smalling was born about 1800.

He married Anna Hendrix (Hendricks)

Catherine Edeline Smalling (married George Washington Mottern)

Samuel died in 1832.



from Bristol Herald Courier, "Pioneers in Paradise" by Bud Phillips

Out on old 421 Highway near the end of what is known as Carolina Avenue is a rather pronounced curve in the road. Its real name is Smalling’s Curve, but many have called it “Dead Man’s Curve,” this because numerous automobile wrecks have occurred there.

Back of this curve in a gently sloping yard stands a rather imposing, late Victorian house. Not only is the house remarkably beautiful, but it also has a distinct appearance of solidness. This is the 109-year-old Andy Smalling house. It is very well preserved. Another unique feature about the place is that the house still has most of its original furnishings. This situation is rarely found, and fortunately remains in the same family.

Andrew Theodore Smalling was born in Watauga, Tenn., on Aug. 2, 1857. He was a son of Robert and Harriett Shell Smalling. He was named for his maternal grandfather, Andrew Shell, an old pioneer of Piney Flats, Tenn. 



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