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William Slaughter


William Slaughter was born about 1756 in Virginia.

William was a patriot soldier during the American Revolution. He was on Tipton's 1775 payroll.

He married Sarah in Richmond, Virginia on August 21, 1781

Mary Slaughter (1776),
William Slaughter, Jr. (1781, married Rebecca Mulkey, daughter of Jonathan Mulkey)

About 1800 they moved to Washington County, Tennessee.

William died in Washington County in 1844.










The Slaughters are of English origin. Gabriel Slaughter, the first representative of the family in America, emigrated hither from England at an early day and settled near Norfolk, Virginia, where he had a large landed estate and where he passed the rest of his life and died.

His son, William, a native of Norfolk, born about 1735, emigrated from Virginia to Tennessee about the year 1800 and settled in Washington county, where he died at a good old age. He was a veteran of the revolutionary war. In Richmond, Virginia, August 21, 1781, to him and his wife, Sarah, was born a son, whom they named William, and who became the father of Elijah F. Slaughter.

This son, the younger William Slaughter, was educated in Washington College, Washington county, Tennessee, and chose for his profession the ministry. He was first in the Presbyterian church and subsequently became a leader in what was known as the “Campbellite” church, this organization now claiming the name of “Christians.”

The mother of our subject was before her marriage Miss Rebecca Mulkey. She was a native of Washington county, Tennessee, born May 17, 1788, daughter of Rev. Jonathan Mulkey, a Baptist minister and a native of North Carolina. Her grandfather, the Rev. Philip Mulkey, was a Virginian by birth and of Scotch origin. Miss Mulkey was reared and educated in Tennessee and was married there, August 22, 1805, to Mr. Slaughter. They settled in Washington county, made that their home until 1831, and then moved to Kentucky, where the next 17 years were spent.

In 1852 they came to Jackson county, Missouri, and settled in Independence. Here he died September 11, 1871; and she, January 6, 1863. They were the parents of 10 children, all of whom reached mature age, namely: Sallie, John N., Jonathan M., Isaac W., Mary S., Sarah G., Elizabeth R., Elijah F., James H. and Philip M. Sallie was born August 31, 1807. She and her husband, Duke Rubell, are both deceased, and of their 8 children only 4 are living. John N., born December 13, 1810, was twice married and had 3 children. He is deceased. Jonathan M., born October 31, 1812, married Elizabeth Mulkey. They are deceased and one child is living. Isaac W., born July 2, 1815, wedded Mahala Randolph, by whom he had a large family. She is deceased. Mary S., wife of James A Jackson, is deceased, as is also her husband. Samuel G., born February 2, 1820, married Alethia Young, now deceased. Elizabeth R., born November 25, 1882, became the wife of John M. Frazier, who died, leaving her with 6 children. Subsequently she married Enoch Payne. James H., born July 22, 1827, married Elizabeth Brown. They had no children. He is deceased. Philip M., born January 10, 1831, married Sarah A. Jones, by whom he has 6 children.

As already stated, Mr. Slaughter (the grandfather) was a Revolutionary soldier. During the War of 1812 the father of our subject was drafted into the service, and as he was unable to go himself he sent a substitute. When the great civil war in all its horrors came upon the country we find four of the Slaughter brothers going out in the strength of their manhood to fight for what they deemed just and right, and, as was not unfrequently the case, they were divided in their sentiments. James H. disappeared in the war and has never been heard of since. Jonathan and Philip were in the union army and Samuel was a captain in the Confederate ranks.



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