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Charles Robertson

  There were two Charles Robertsons living in the area at the same time. Click here to see my attempt to untangle them.  
  Also spelled as Robinson, Robison, Robeson, Roberson and Robertson.  

Charles Robertson was born about 1745. His father was John Robertson.

He married Susannah Cunningham. Susannah was the daughter of Christopher Cunningham.

James Robertson (1775, married Sally Ridley)
Elizabeth Robertson (1777, married Robert Evans)
Christopher Robertson (married Nancy Demoss and Elizabeth Joslin)
Mary Polly Robertson (married John Hardgrove)

Elijah Robertson (1784)
Mark Claiborne Robertson
Rhoda Robertson (1791, married John Lucas)
Susannah Robertson (1794)

In 1776 he, and his brother Elijah, signed the petition of Watauga settlers asking to become part of North Carolina.

In 1780 he and his brother, James, were at Kings Mountain.


He made his will in 1806 in Davidson County, Tennessee.


Watauga Pioneer Neighbors


Slavery is an immoral system of forced labor where people are treated as property to be bought and sold. It was legal in the American Colonies and the United States until the Civil War.

Davidson County, Tennessee Will Book 3, 67, 68, 69.

Charles Robertson Decd his Will
Apr 10 th 1806
In the Name of God Amen; I Charles Robertson of the State of Tennessee and County of Davidson...

Secondly I Give and Bequath to my beloved Son James Robertson the Tract of Land whereon he now lives to be Bounded as follows:

  • Beginning on the East Boundery of the Original Survey where on I now live and to run in a westwardly Direction so as to leave the Plantation whereon Benjamin Dunn now lives About one pole to the South of said line
  • then Taking the Point of a Ridge near the Corner of said Dunns fence and Running nearly a West Course to the West Boundery of the Old Survey

Also two Tracts of Land Containing twenty five Acres Each lying on the West fork of Buflow Creek and Adjoining the Tract of Land whereon the said James Robertson now lives and
to have one third part of my Still
Also to have fifty Dollars paid him at my Beloved Wife's Death or Division – 

Thirdly I Give and Bequath to my beloved Son Christopher Robertson the Tract of Land Whereon Benjamin Dunn now lives and to be Bounded as follows:

  • Beginning on the East Boundery line of my Survey and runing a Northwestwardly Direction so as to go Between the School house and the Spring
  • then so as to have the whole of the farm now Occupied by Charles Robertson on the south and to Take the Point of a Ridge near the corner of his Pasture
  • then near a West Course to a west boundery of the said old Survey
  • then North to James Robertson's Corner
  • then with his line to the East Boundery of said Old Survey and South to the Beginning

and one third part of my Still
one Cow and two Calves known by the name of his and one white face Cow Sister to the said cow known to be his
also to have an Equal Division of the Stock of all kind horses Excepted at my beloved Wifes Death or Division 

Fourthly I Give and Bequath to my Beloved Daughter Polly Robertson 

one Negro Girl named Jenney and
one Feather Bed and furniture now Called hers
also one Gray mare and Colt with her Bridle and Saddle
and Three Cows and Calves known now as hers and
Ten Dollars worth of Household Furniture at her Mariage

Fifthly I Lend to my beloved Wife Susanna Robertson the Plantation that I now Occupy with all the property of Every kind or Description whatsoever belonging thereon and not Other wise Disposed of During her natural life or widowhood  

Sixthly I desire that all my Just Debts be paid With the notes Bonds and Accounts which is now due to me and Such Property as my Executors shall think can be best Spared of my farm

Seventhly After my beloved Wifes Death or Marriage I will that the Tract of Land I now live on be Equally Divided in Equal value between my beloved Sons Elijah and Mark Claiborne Robertson  Also I give unto my son Elijah Robertson two Cows and Calves also one heifer at my death  

Eighthly I Give and Bequath to my Beloved Daughters Rhoda and Susanna Robertson all my Interest on two Tracts of Land which I located for them one half one lying on Brush Creek and the other on Turn Bulls Creek

Ninethly After my beloved Wifes Death or Marriage I Give and Bequath to my four Last named Children Elijah, Mark Claiborne, Rhoda and Susanna Robertson all the Property lent to my wife the Land Excepted to be Equally Divided amongst them Reserving Enough of said Property in the hands of my Executors to pay for the Schooling of the said Children

Tenthly I Give and bequath to my beloved Daughter Elizabeth Evans fifty Dollars to be paid at my beloved wifes Death or Division

Eleventh I do Nominate and Appoint my Beloved Wife Susanna Robertson, my son Christopher Robertson, and John Davis Executors

I the said Charles Robertson hath hereunto set my hand and Seal this Twenty seventh day of July in the year of our Lord 1805.
Charles Robertson (L.S.)

George Y Payton
Benjamin Dunn
Gordon Reeves

Cattle were vital to a household and an important legacy.
Unweaned cattle are calves.
Female cattle are heifers and cows (had a calf).
Male cattle are steers (castrated) and bulls.
are trained draft animals and are often castrated adult male cattle.

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