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Peter Miller - Knob Creek

  There were two Peter Millers in Washington County at the same time and they are often confused.  

Peter Miller, Sr., was born about 1753.

His wife was named Mary.

Peter and Mary's children probably included:

Jacob Miller
Margaret Miller (married Ephraim Laney),
Barbara Miller (married Henry Miller),
Mary Miller (Painter),
Elizabeth Miller (married William Skiles)

During the American Revolution, Peter served in Pennsylvania.

The family migrated from Pennsylvania through Virginia into North Carolina (later Tennessee).

In 1797 he bought 258 acres from James Ryan "on the head spring of Nobb Creek."

Peter was an elder in the Hebron German Baptist Church on Knob Creek.

Peter wrote his will in 1801.






Peter Miller, Sr., was born in Germany, and after coming to Tennessee he was an elder in the Old Hebron German Baptist Church on Knob creek, Washington County, Tennessee. The Miller (Mueller) family migrated from Pennsylvania down through Virginia into North Carolina (later Tennessee). Peter Miller, Sr., is buried at his old home between Johnson City and Jonesboro, close by where now runs the Southern Railway (a flag stop called Miller's Switch). Peter Miller, Sr. served in the Revolution in Pennsylvania.


Peter Miller
Date: November 15, 1801
Source: Washington County Court Records
Wife - Mary
Children - Jacob, Margaret, Barbara, Mary, Elizabeth
Executor - Michael Broyles, Sr.
Witnesses - F. Earnest, Elizabeth Broyles, Michael Broyles

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