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Lacy Families

  also spelled Lacey, Lasy  

John Lacy was born about 1750.

He married Anna Denton.

John Lacy ( married Catherine Aker),
Thomas Lacy,
Phebe Lacy (1781, married Robert Lucas),
Joseph Lacy
Ann Lacy 1789
Abraham Lacy,
Reuben Lacy (1796, married Sarah Hutson),
Isaac Lacy (married Clarkey Hutson)
Jacob Lacy.

John died in 1817. After he died, Anna married Jonathan Mulkey as his 2nd wife on March 3, 1818, in Washington County, Tennessee.


Philamon Lacy was born about 1749 in Virginia.

His wife was named Esther

Esther and Philamon's children probably included:

James Lacy (1771),
William Lacy (1772),
Rebecca Lacy (1774, married Thomas Tipton),
Mark Lacy (1780, married Elizabeth Campbell),
Nancy Lacy (1782, married Aaron Reno),
John Lacy (1785, married Sarah Price),
George Lacy (1788, married Elizabeth Tipton),
Esther Lacy (1794, married Levi Russell and William Anderson), and
Isaac Lacy (1794, married Rebecca Tipton).

In 1792 Philamon was on the tax list of Washington County, Virginia. In 1794 Philamon and James were on Captain Carrigers list. They were close neighbors of John and Susannah Humphreys, Thomas and Samuel Tipton, and George Emmert.

On May 25 1794 he witnessed William Daniel's will in Washington County.

In 1806 Philemon signed a petition in Carter County for a wagon road.

Philemon and Esther were members of the Pond Creek Baptist Church in Monroe County Tennesse.

Philemon is listed on the 1830 census of McMinn County, Tennesse census.


James Lacy was born about 1771.

He married Nancy Eddens on November 21 1798 in Washington County, Tennessee.

Alexander Lacy (1791)
Phlemon Lacy (1794)
Martha Lacy (1797)

Nancy Lacy (1805, married Samuel Tipton)
Basdal Lacy (1809)
Esther Lacy (1812)
John Washington Lacy (1815, married Martha A. Crow).


Mark Lacy was born about 1780.

He married Elizabeth Campbell on April 23, 1812 in Carter County, Tennessee.

Ann Lacy (1815),
Hannah Lacy (1818, married Thomas Jefferson Morris, son of Jean Humphreys and Robert Morris),
Leah Lacy (1821),
William Lacy (1833) and
Mary Lacy (1839).


Isaac Lacy was born about 1795 in Tennessee.

He married Clarkey Hudson on September 6, 1851 in Carter County. She was born in 1800 in South Carolina.

John Lacy (1834),
Andrew Jackson Lacy (1842, married Sarah Elizabeth Humphreys, daughter of William Humphreys and Leasy Hudson),
Levendon Lacy (1835)
William Lacy (1856 )


Andrew Jackson Lacy, md Sarah Elizabeth Humphreys. Children: William Jackson, Julie, Mary, G T, Samuel, Edgar, Robert Taylor & James Isaac.






from Pond Creek Baptist Church records

LACY, Easter - Wife of Philemon; received by letter Feb. 1825; dismissed June 1834.
LACY, Eliza - Wife of Levi; received February 1833; "Erased" January 1837 for having joined Missionary Bible Society; enrolled September 1840.
LACY, Jane "Jinney" - Wife of William; received May 1828; dismissed May 1832. LACY, Levi - Husband of Eliza; received March 1833; "Erased" January 1837 for having joined Missionary Bible Society; enrolled September 1840.
LACY, Levi - Dismissed October 1851 with "wife Rebecca."
LACY, Philemon - Husband of Easter; received by Letter February 1825.
LACY, Rebecca - Wife of Levi; dismissed October 1851.
LACY, William - Husband of Jane; received May 1828; dismissed May 1832.




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