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Andrew Jobe


also spelled Joab, Job

Early Quakers were persecuted. In the Massachusetts Bay colony, Friends were banished on pain of death.
Lord Baltimore, Cecil Calvert (1605 -1675), 2nd Baron Baltimore was the first governor of Maryland.
Phillip Calvert (1626–1682), was the 5th governor from 1660 to1665.
Charles Calvert (1637 – 1715), 3rd Baron Baltimore inherited the colony in 1675.

Andrew Jobe, Jr. was born about 1650 on a ship coming to America.

He married Elizabeth Vernon. Her parents were Thomas Vernon and Elizabeth Maxwell.

In the Third Month 1692, Andrew Job and Elizabeth Vernon appeared at the Monthly Meeting at the home of Thomas Vernon and declared their intention of marriage. A committee of men and a committee of women were appointed to see if there were no obstructions to the marriage.

Elizabeth and Andrew's children probably included:

Benjamin Jobe (1793),
Jacob Jobe (1794),
Thomas Jobe (1695, married Elizabeth Maxwell),
Mary Job (1696, married John White),
Enoch Jobe (1698),
Abraham Jobe (1702, married Sarah Gatchell),
Caleb Jobe (1704),
Joshua Jobe (1707, married Margaret MacKay, daughter of Robert MacKay),
Hannah Jobe (1708) and
Patience Jobe (1710, married Robert MacKay, Jr.)

The Jobe family were early settlers in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

In 1683, Lord Baltimore claimed part of the Delaware River for Maryland. William Penn asked his friend, Andrew Jobe, to help arbitrate. A contemporary wrote

William Penn and Andrew Job being educated men, and being of such unusual persuasive and executive ability, convinced all concerned of the correctness of the boundary line.

In 1688 ,Thomas Vernon testified that selling whiskey to the indigenous people was wrong. Andrew was present and agreed.

In 1690, Andrew donated 1£ for the Chester meeting house

In 1692, Andrew bought 100 acres from Thomas Thompson for 20£. The land was bounded by Chester Creek and George Churchman's land.

In 1695 Andrew was appointed overseer of the Chester Monthly Meeting.

In 1697-01, Andrew was sheriff of Chester County and clerk of the Chester Monthly Meeting.

In 1698, James Stanfield accused Andrew of taking 3 cows and 8 hides. The jury ordered Andrew to pay 2 pence damage and court costs.

In 1699, Lord Baltimore claimed a large tract of land in southern Pennsylvania for Maryland. Andrew went with William Penn and other Quakers to the disputed territory. They decided to settle the tract on Octorara Creek. The tract was named Nottingham.

In 1701, Andrew was a member of the Assembly in Philadelphia.

In 1702, Andrew was one of 12 men granted 20,000 acres in the Nottingham tract. Andrew drew lots 32 and 35, each containing 500 acres. He agreed to pay 8£ per 100 acres and 1 shilling sterling quit rent per 100 acres. The Jobes and Churchmans were the first famlies to present certificates from the Chester Monthly Meeting to the East Nottingham Monthly Meeting.

In 1710, Andrew Job established the Blue Ball Tavern on his lot 35.

In 1718, Andrew was named Justice of the Peace. That same year he traveled to Philadelphia and bought the indenture of Elizabeth Maxwell, niece of Daniel Defoe.

Andrew died in 1722.

Chester County was one of the three original Pennsylvania counties created in 1682.
Watauga Pioneer Neighbors





from History of Delaware County. Pennsylvania by George Smith M. D. 

Job, Andrew was an early settler in and near Chester, but was not among the earliest. He was married to Elizabeth Vernon in 1692. Both as a member of the Society of Friends and as a citizen, he maintained a good standing. In 1697 he served the office of Sheriff, and in 1702 he represented Chester County in the Provincial Assembly.

His children were Benjamin, Jacob, Thomas, Mary, Enoch, Abraham, Caleb, Joshua, Hannah and Patience.

Shortly after 1704, removed to Nottingham, and became a permanent resident there.

He died in 1722. 


I, Andrew Job of ye Township of Nottingham in ye Co., of Chester & Province of Pensilvania farmer....

First. My will is yt I be decently buried & last debts & Funer al Charges be defrayed as son as possible. May be with Conveniency after my Decease.

Secondly I give and bequeath Unto My Son Jacob ye half of ye Lott wh ereon he is Now Settled To him & his heirs for Ever.

Thirdly I give Unto My Son Abraham ye other half of ye said Lott to him & his heirs for Ever.

Fourthly I give Unto My Son Enoch yt Tract of Land Lying Up on Little Elk River To him & his heirs for Ever.

Likewise My will is yt My Executrix hereafter Mentioned shall give My Sons Abraham & Enoch A hand to help each of them Grubb & clear Tenn Acres of Land fitt for ye plough & to help Each of them a convenient Little house to Live in & to find their Meat & Desired washing & Lodging while its doing.

Fifthly I give & bequeath Unto My Son Thomas Two Hundred Acres of Land of ye South of ye Lott whereon I Now Live to him and his heirs I also will him two young bulls. My will is yt My Son Thomas Shall have asistance to help him build Either A Convenient Little house or Barn which he pleases & to have his Accomadations while its doing.

Likewise My will is yt (that) ye tract of Land lying by great Elk Riv er be left to My Executrix to be Disposed of Among our Children Eith er to one 2 or More According as She Shall be Meett.

Item I give & bequeath Unto My Son In Law John White five shillings.

Item I give & bequeath Unto My 3 grandchildren William John & Mary White Twenty Shillings Each of them & to be paid them when tenn years of age .

Item I give & bequeath Unto My Grandson Nathan Job fourty Shillings to be paid him when he is Tenn years of Age.

Item I give & bequeath Unto My Loving & beloved wife Elizabeth Job my plantation Whereon I now dwell with ye Appurtenances thereunto belonging during her Natural Life or widowhood

& After her decease Unto My 2 younger Sons Caleb & Joshua paying Unto their younger Sisters Hannah & Patient to Each of them Tenn Pounds When they come of age.

My will is yt my wife May have her third of My Personal Estate & Emanaties to be Equally divided between My four younger Children Caleb Joshua Hannah & Patient.

Furthermore My will is yt if any of My Children Should die In their Minority That Their Legacys or ye value of them be Equally divided Amongst them yt Survive.

Lastly I ordaine Constitute & Appoint My dear & well beloved wife My Sole Executrix of this My Last will & Testament wt this restriction yt she doth Nothing of Moment without ye Consent or Aprobation of ye preparative Meeting of Notingham

in witness Whereof I have Hereunto Set My hand & Seal
Dated ye 30th of ye 3rd month Called May
In ye year of our Lord 1722.

I give unto James Wright Tenn Shillings.

Signed Seald published & declared By ye Above named Andrew Job to Be his Last will & Testament in ye Presence of us
John Beals Senr 

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