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The Hunt Families

East Tennessee is part of Appalachia. At the end of the French and Indian War, colonists began drifting into the area. In 1769, they first settled along the Watauga River. During the Revolution, the Overmountain Men defeated British loyalists at the Battle of Kings Mountain. The State of Franklin was formed in the 1780s, but never admitted to the Union.

Dr. Thomas Hunt's (1730) lived in the part of Bedford County, Virginia which became Franklin County, Virginia.

His second wife was Ann.

His children probably included:
Jesse Hunt (1755),
Uriah Hunt (1757, married Sarah Kincheloe - moved to Washington County),
Esli Hunt (1759),
Mary Hunt (1761),
Thomas Hunt (1762 - moved to Washington County),
William Hunt (1763),
Irene Asenath Hunt (1765, married Richard Humphreys),
Joel Hunt (1766),
Peter Hunt (1768 - moved to Washington County),
Elizabeth Hunt (1769),
Moses Hunt (1771),
John Hunt (1773),
Benjamin Hunt (1774), and
Phoebe Hunt (1776).

Some of Thomas' children moved to Washington County, Tennessee.

In 1778 in Washington County, Tennessee, Uriah Hunt was fined for insulting the court.

In 1780, Thomas was imprisoned for being a Tory in Henrico County, Virginia, but was pardoned because he signed the oath of allegiance.

In 1790 Jesse Hunt bought land on Sinking Creek.


During the American Revolution a Tory or Loyalist was used in for those who remained loyal to the British Crown.

Henrico County was established in 1634 as one Virginia's eight original shires. Its boundaries incorporated an area from which ten Virginia counties were later formed.


Cattle were vital to a household and an important legacy.
Unweaned cattle are calves.
Female cattle are heifers and cows (had a calf).
Male cattle are steers (castrated) and bulls.
are trained draft animals and are often castrated adult male cattle.

Stephen Hunt was born about 1750 in Bedford County, Virginia. He may be Thomas Hunt's son. His mother is not Anne.

In 1780, Stephen posted Bond for for Thomas Hunt and administered his estate.

Stephen's children included:
Charity Hunt Bird,
Elizabeth Hunt Black,
Jacob Hunt,
Stephen Hunt,
James Hunt,
Katherine Hunt McBride,
Margaret Hunt Morris,
Obediah Hunt,
Benjamin Hunt and
Sarah Hunt Oxley (1794, married Samuel Oxley the son of Jenkin Oxley).

Stephen signed his will in Bedford County, Virginia, on April 20, 1827 .

I Stephen Hunt Senr of Bedford County State of Virginia do hereby make my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say.

1. I desire after my debts are paid, my wife Rebecca Hunt have peaceable possession on the Tract of Land I now live on for and during her natural live for her support also
one horse,
one cow & calf
3 head sheep,
3 head hogs,
one Bed and furniture
one loom,
one Table 3 chairs
One cotton wheel and all necessary plantation tools..
and after her decease to be [sold?] and equally divided among my children herein named the residue of my parishable property sold at my decease and divided as above directed To Wit.
Mary Semonas [Simmons],
John Hunt,
Charity Bird,
Elizabeth Black,
Jacob Hunt,
Stephen Hunt,
James Hunt,
Katherine McBride,
Margaret Morriss,
Obediah Hunt,
Sally Oneley [Oxley],
Benjamin Hunt,
to them and their heirs forever.

2. I give to my wife Rebecca Hunt all & every part that she brought with her when I intermarried her together with all the Interest she had in her Mothers Estate to her heirs and her heirs to enjoy forever.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Sea
l this 20th day of April 1827 his Stephen (X) Hunt (seal) mark
Signed, and Seal in the present of
William Ore
Jinken Oxely
Benj Musgrove


Simon Hunt (1750) first appeared in Washington County in 1800.

Simon Huntand Mary Polly Noland's children included:

Samuel H. Hunt (1773, married Sarah Crouch),
John Beale Hunt
Nancy (Nackie) Hunt (1785)
Sarah "Sally" Hunt Roberts (1780)
Joshua Hunt (1787, married Nancy Bacon),
Charles Wesley Hunt, and
Abraham Hunt.

  Uriah Hunt (1757) married Sarah Kincheloe about 1782.

Uriah was a Baptist minister.

According to the Chancery Court Minutes of Greene County, Tennesse, the heirs of Uriah Hunt were:
Thomas Hunt,
Smith Hunt,
Uriah Hunt,
Benjamin Hunt,
Peter Hunt and Delila his wife formerly Delila Hunt,
Richard Martin and Acksey his wife formerly Acksey Hunt,
Payne Squibb and Dyce his wife formerly Dyce Hunt,
Jesse Hunt, and
James Duncan and Sarah his wife formerly Sarah Hunt.

According to his grandson, U.H. Hunt's, 1914 obituary

His grandfather, Uriah Hunt, came to this place in 1786 and purchased all the land from the Isaac Galloway farm to the Walker farm, it being a part of North Carolina then. He owned slaves and always freed them at the age of 31 years. He was secretary of the first Missionary Baptist gathering in what is now Tennessee. He preached in the homes of the people, laying the foundation for a greater religious faith.

Uriah died about 1824.



From Tennessee's Pioneer Baptist Preachers, page 256:

Uriah Hunt was one of a family of eleven children. He was born March 3, 1757, died October 7, 1824, and was buried in the old family graveyard, near Limestone Church, Washington County, Tenn. He came from North Carolina to Washington County in upper East Tennessee at an early day, and was said to be of English descent.

  Thomas Hunt (1752)  

from Washington County, Tennessee Deeds

E-105-7 9/19/1793
Mark Mitchal, Hawkins Co to Thomas Hunt
275 acres on both sides of Boons Creek. adj Wm Weathers, John Lyons, (Ruple or Russle), Bacon.
Wit John Carter, Jacob Hoss


John Adams, Jr. (1735-1826) was the second President of the United States (1797–1801), the first Vice President (1789–1797).

Samuel H. Hunt (1773) married Sarah (Sary) Crouch on December 26, 1797 in Washington County, Tennessee.

Their children included:

Mary Hunt Miller (1798, married Peter Miller),
Nancy Hunt (1800, married Michael Clem),
Thomas W. Hunt (1803),
Joseph Hunt (1806, married Mary (Polly) McAfee),
William Hunt (1810),
Samuel M. Hunt (1811),
Margaret Hunt (1813, married George Vincent),
John Bell Hunt (1815, married Rachel Vincent),
Franklin Hunt (1818, married Evalina Vincent),
James Sevier Hunt (1820), and
Sarah Jane Hunt Smith (1822, married King Henry Smith).

Samuel bought land in Washington County in 1809.

Samuel served in the War of 1812.

Samuel died on July 21, 1852 in Washington County, Tennessee. Sarah died on August 29, 1852 in Washington County, Tennessee. They are buried together in the Hunt family cemetery about one mile south of Johnson City.

Johnson City, Tennessee is in Washington, Carter and Sullivan Counties. It was known as Brush Creek for the Creek than runs through it.


History of Washington County, Tennessee, 1988 by Watauga Association of Genealogists, p. 377

Samuel Hunt (1773-1853 purchased land in Washington County, Tennessee in 1809. Samuel served in the War of 1812 as a Major in the Washington County Milita and was Sheriff of Washington County (1814-1827).

In 1797, Samuel married Sarah Crouch (1778-1852), daughter of Joseph (1749-1830) and Margaret (Sanford) (1762-1844) Crouch. Samuel and Sarah Hunt were buried in the Hunt Family Cemetery near Johnson City, Tennessee.

Their son, John Bell Hunt (1815-1895), who was one of eleven children, married Rachel Vincent (1819-1899) in 1844.


Washington County, Tennessee Wills 1777-1872 by Goldene F. Burgner

Samuel Hunt   June 21, 1848
Wife Sarah.
Sons:  Franklin, James, William, John B. Hunt.
Grandsons:  Samuel son of William, John son of Joseph decd.
Executrix:  Wife Sarah.
Wit.:  Peter M. Reeves, James W. Deaderick.
Signed:  Samuel Hunt

Sarah Hunt   August 3, 1852
Sons:  Samuel - $400, James S. &endash; note given me by my husband Samuel Hunt decd. On William H. Crouch. To sons:  Franklin, James S. & Samuel Hunt. 
Exectur:  son Samuel Hunt.
Wit.:  W. H. Smith, Peter Miller.
Signed:  Sarah (X) Hunt


Jesse Hunt was born about 1782 in Virginia. He married Elizabeth Shipley. Elizabeth Shipley the daughter of Nathan and Elizabeth Hale.

Their children included:
Sarah Hunt (1802, married Isaac Bacon),
Jesse Hunt (1807, married Margaret Hale)
Nancy Hunt (1809, married Elijah Shipley),
Elizabeth Hunt (1811),
Samuel M. Hunt (1812, married Elizabeth Ellis daughter of Jacob Ellis),
Amanda Hunt (1815), and
James Madison Hunt (1820, married Nancy Bacon, Sarah Jane Martin).

On June 10, 1790, Jesse Hunt paid 200£ to Benjamin Holland for land on Sinking Creek.

On August 23, 1793, Jesse Hunt bought land from Jesse Melvin.

On August 7, 1796, Jesse Hunt paid Benjamin Holland 1,000£ for land bordering C. Cunningham. Richard Haile was the witness.

On September 8, 1796, Jesse Hunt paid John Nelson 120£ for 100 acres on Sinking Creek.

In September, 1806, Jesse Hunt, Jr. paid Francis Shaw five hundred dollars for land that bordered Nicholas Keefauver on Buffalo Ridge.

On January 6, 1814, Jesse Hunt, Sr. to Jesse Jr. land on Sinking Creek.

On November 2, 1815, Jesse Hunt paid John Sherfey for 173 acres on Buffalo Ridge bordering Isenberg corner.


American colonists continued to use British monetary units, namely the pound, shilling and pence for which £1 (or li) equalled 20s and 1s equalled 12d. In 1792 the dollar was established as the basic unit of currency.



from Deeds in Washington County, Jonesborough, Tennessee

Jesse Hunt pd 200 lbs. to Benjamin Holland June 10, 1790, state of North Carolina join C. Cunningham on Sinking Creek

Jesse Hunt August 23,1793 to Jesse Melvin, state of North Carolina (for) land

Jesse Hunt pd. to John Nelson 120 lbs. for 100 acres September 8, 1796, state of North Carolina. land on Sinking Creek

Jesse Hunt pd. to Benjamin Holland 1000 lbs. land border C. Cunningham. Richard Haile, witness .. August 7, 1796

Jesse Hunt, Jr. to Francis Shaw five hundred dollars land border Nicholas Keefauver border Buffalo Ridge. September 1806

esse Hunt Sr. to Jesse Jr. land on Sinking Creek.. January 6, 1814


from Tennessee Cousins

Jesse Hunt, a native of Virginia located in Washington county on Boone's creek, where Daniel Boone is supposed to have "cilled a bar."

Samuel Hunt, a son of Jesse Hunt was born on Buffalo Ridge, in the same general locality in 1812, and before 1852-3 had married Elizabeth Ellis, the daughter of William Ellis and his wife Letitia.

Samuel Hunt and his wife Elizabeth Ellis were the parents of Jesse J. Hunt who was born December 27, 1853 on Buffalo Ridge. Jesse J. Hunt was well educated and early entered into business for himself in the town of Jonesborough, where he was always known and regarded as one of the leading merchants.


Children of Samuel M. Hunt was born in 1810 in Buffalo Ridge, Tennessee. He was the son of Jesse Hunt.

Samuel married Elizabeth Ellis. Elizabeth was orn in 1816 in Boones Creek.

Lucinda Hunt (1842, married William Chamberlain Haile/Hale),
Robert Ellis Hunt (1841 married Mary Emmaline Martin Anna Douglass),
Mary Hunt(1845),
Alx Hunt (1847),
Elizabeth Hunt (1849, married Charles Cox),
Jesse J. Hunt (1853, married Joanna Carter Foster), and
Lutitia E. Hunt (1854, married George B. Cox).




from Washington County, VA Survey Records Abstracts 1781-1797
submitted to the USGenWeb archives by Rhonda Robertson

Page 322

Samuel Hunt (Hurst)
3000 ac
on the head of the Laurel fork of Holston River and known by the name of the Big Spring Valley treasury warrant dated August 14, 1783 and
#18721 and dated April 11,1783 and
#15439 and #18736 dated August 14, 1783
corner to Agur T. Furmans - August 23, 1786

The Holston River flows from Kingsport to Knoxville.
map by Kmusser
Jonesborough in 1857
Watauga Pioneer Neighbors

Washington County Marriages

Hunt, Abigail married CHINOUTH, John A on 03 August 1831
Hunt, Achah married MARTAIN, Richard on 15-MAR-1821
Hunt, Benjamin married WALKER, Margaret on 27-MAY-1827
Hunt, Benson married POPE, Mary Magdalene on 27 June 1807
Hunt, Dicy married SQUIBB, Payne on 07-APR-1827
Hunt, Elisateh married LAIN, Samuel on 23-FEB-1793
Hunt, Jesse married HALE, Margaret on 30-JUL-1833
Hunt, John married MCBRIDE, Sarah on 27-OCT-1831
Hunt, John married NICHOLS, Sarah on 21-MAR-1831
Hunt, John R married HOLT, Margaret on 21 August 1830
Hunt, Joseph married MCAFEE, Polly on 21 January 1833
Hunt, Lucinda married ELLIS, William W on 18 January 1838
Hunt, M married HAMPTON, Wade on 10-DEC-1840
Hunt, Nancy married CLEM, Michael on 19-SEP-1822
Hunt, Nancy married HALE, Jeremiah on 02-APR-1825
Hunt, Nancy married NEWMAN, Isaac on 25-SEP-1827
Hunt, Nancy married SHIPLEY, Elijah on 12-APR-1825
Hunt, Peter married BAYLES, Lethy on 27-MAR-1828
Hunt, Polly married MILLER, Peter on 27 August 1817
Hunt, Rhoda married DUNCAN, Joseph on 08-MAR-1809
Hunt, S M married ELLIS, E on 31-DEC-1839
Hunt, Sally married MURRAY, Shederick on 27 January 1823
Hunt, Sam married CROUCH, William on 23-MAY-1815
Hunt, Sarah married BACON, Isaac E W on 21 August 1819
Hunt, Smith married ALISON, Patsey on 24-JUL-1816
Hunt, Smith married LONG, Jane on 18-DEC-1834
Hunt, Thomas married BAYLES, Martina on 01-SEP-1811
Hunt, Thomas W married YOUNG, Mary on 20-MAR-1827
Hunt, Uriah married KINCHELOE, Mary on 03-SEP-1832
Hunt, Westley married PATTON, Margaret on 15-JUL-1820
Hunt, William P married HARRISON, Innetta on 18 January 1838

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