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Barney Ford

  also spelled Foard  

Barney Ford was born about 1750 in Maryland.

He married Mary Cole. Her parents were Mordecai Cole and Elizabeth Bond. Mordecai was the son of Christopher Cole and Sarah Tipton).

Their children were born in Maryland and the approximate dates of birth are:

Mordecai Ford (1784),
Elizabeth Ford (1786),
Horatio Ford (1788, married Jane Careathers),
Thomas Ford (1790),
Micajah Ford (1792),
Ezckiel Ford (1796),
Nimrod Ford (1798),
Barney Ford (1801),
Ruth Ford (1804), and
Moses Ford (1806).

In 1788 Modecai received a land warrant in Sullivan County. At that time it was in North Carolina.



Watauga Pioneer Neighbors

from Washington County, Tennessee Roll Book 17, p. 322.

This indenture made and concluded upon this Sixteenth Day of April Eighteen Hundred and Twenty-two [1822], between Mordecai Ford, son of Barney Ford, Senior, deceased, of the State of Tennessee, Washington County, of the one part and John Malanie, of the same county and State of the second part.

Withnesseth that the said Mordecai Ford, Son of the said Barny Ford, senior, deceased, for and in consideration of the sum of Ten Dollars to the said Mordecai Ford in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivery of the presents have granted, bargained and sold and by these presents do grant , bargain and sell unto the said John Malanie, his heirs and assigns forever all the claims, rights, title, and interest which jointly or separately to one undivided tract of land, which I claim by dissent from said Barney Ford, Senior, deceased which said land may be known by the following statement to wit.

The same tract adjoins Charles Waddel of the county aforesaid containg three acres and one third of an acre to be the same more or less to have and to hold the said land as delivered aforesaid unto himself, his heirs and assigns forever and the said Mordecai Ford, son of the said Barney Ford, deceased, for himself will warrant the aforesaid land and against his heirs, executors of administrators and any other persons in Fee Simple claiming under by right of the said Mordecai Ford unto the said Malanie, his heirs and assigns forever as witness whereof I have here unto sat my hand and seal and delivered in person..

Mordecai Ford
Horatio Ford, Jr.
Charles Waddel
John Waddel


from Roll No. 198, Book 12, p. 70-72.
This indenture, made and concluded and agreed upon this Twenty Seventh Day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eight [1808]

between Peter Range of the County of Washington and State of Tennessee of the one part and Mary Ford, widower of Barney Ford deceased, Mordecai Ford, Elizabeth Ford, Horatio Ford, Thomas Ford, Micajah Ford, Ezckiel Ford, Nimrod Ford, Barney Ford, Ruth Ford, Moses Ford, children and heirs of the said Barney Ford, deceased, of the other part.

Witness to that the said Peter Range for and in consideration of the sum of thirteen hundred dollars, eight hundred and eighty dollars of which said sum was paid to the said Peter Range by the said Barney Ford now deceased, in his lifetime, the reside of said sum of thirteen hundred dollars to wit, the sum of four hundred and twenty dollars which was paid to Peter Range by Mary Ford, the widow of said Barney Ford, deceased, she receipt of said several sums is by these presents hereby acknowledged, the said Peter Range hath by these witnesses grant, bargain and sell unto the said Mary Ford, widower of the said Barney Ford, one undivided third part of the following tract of land ...


Barney Ford's Estate
We Henry King Jacob & Jacob Hunter Justices of the piece being appointed by the court of said county to settle with Mary Ford administrator of Barny Ford, Deceased, do find the whole amount together with the amount arising from the sale (after the Said administrator has paid all demands against said estate) is six hundred sixty two dollars and eighty two cents.

There is eleven legatees which sum being equally divided among them there is sixty dollars & twenty cents and seven elevenths of a cent to each.

Given under our hands and seals this 39th day of December 1809.


Stilyards are weighing scales.


Cattle were vital to a household and an important legacy.
Unweaned cattle are calves.
Female cattle are heifers and cows (had a calf).
Male cattle are steers (castrated) and bulls.
are trained draft animals and are often castrated adult male cattle.

Barney Ford's Estate Sale.

Mary Ford
One wagon, two horses, two pair of gears and one collar and one pair of forced chains - $231.00
Table and crockery ware, chest and clothes, dresser ware - $1.00
4 pots, two ovens, tin kettle - $10.00
1 bushel, 1 bucket, 1 pale, 1 iron wedge ring - $1.50.
one frying pan, ladle,& flesh fork pot hooks - $1.00
Shovel & tongs - $1.50
2 bread baskets and sifters -$.75.4
beds, covering, bed steads - $20.00
Saddle; $8.00
3 axes - $3.00
5 chairs- $1.00
one pair of fire irons - $3.00
one pair smoothing irons - $.25
one looking glass - $.05
Crosscut saw - $8.00
two wheels & reel - $.20
two hoes - $.50,
one pair of steelyards - $3.06,
crocks, chun, fat tubs and bucket - $1.00,
tub and meat - $1.00,
3 reap hooks - $1.64,
39 lbs. of iron and remant of iron - $2.35,
6 hogs - $3.00,
3 cows - $24.00,
3 caves -$4.08 ,
one plow - $.80,
2 sheep- $2.50,
one plow - $1.00,
one cutting box and fork - $2.15.

Horatio Ford; One saddle; $7.00, one pair saddle bags; $2.00 one collar and bridle; $1.50, one pair of spurs; $.20 one gun and fixings; $16.00, one set of smiths tools and handsaw; $80.00, one horse; $39.99,

Mordecai Ford; one halter collar, trowel & curry comb; $.16

John Pickering [maybe son of William]; one halter and chain; $.51

John Norwood; one halter and chain; $.53.

Jacob Norge; one pair hams and chain; $1.35

John Malone [Jr.]; auger; $.94, one hoe; $.60, one x; $.20, one grindstone; $2.75, 3 sheep; $3.53, one chest; $.22.

John Ellis; one knife and drawing knife; $.80.

Jonathan Tipton; one case razors 7 box; $.10;

Jacob Hose; one hoe; $.96, one bottle; $.16.

John Boring; one steer; $7.00,

Amos Boring; one cow; $6.50,

Jacob Hammer; one trowel & sithe; $.29,

Personal property can be called personalty (personality), goods, chattels, articles, or movable property. It includes both animate or inanimate property.
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