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Samuel Denton

Europeans who made the voyage to America faced a difficult journey of several months.
Slavery is an immoral system of forced labor where people are treated as property to be bought and sold. It was legal in the American Colonies and the United States until the Civil War.

Samuel Denton was born in 1631 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. He was christened on May 29, 1631 in Coley Chapel, Halifax, England.

His wife was Mary Smith.

Samuel and Mary's children included:

Samuel Denton,
Benjamin Denton (1660),
Mary Denton Smith,
Jane Denton (abt 1664, married Joseph Robinson),
Abraham Denton (1675, married Martha Thorne),
Jonas Denton (1677),
James Denton,
Phoebe Denton (married Robert Mitchell),
Hannah Denton (married Thomas Treadwell),
Martha Denton (married Ezekiel Smith), and
Elizabeth Denton (married Jonathan Seaman).

In 1662, the Hempstead Town Meeting granted him some land under the provision that he fenced it.

In 1663, he and Thomas Rushmour bought Matthew Garrison's Neck at Mattinacock, from Jeremy Wood of Hempstead.

On April 18, 1665, his father-in -law, John Smith of Hempstead, sold him some land.

Samuel was listed in the 1673 Dutch census of Hempstead.

The 1683 assessment of Hempstead estimated his holdings at 200£.

On December 15, 1684, John Everett sold him his

Right of meadow, lying and being on East Neck, being my second devision, belonging to my twenty acre lot of meadow.

In 1685, he had 240 acres.

The Dentons were listed in 1698 census of Hempstead: Samuell Denton, may Denton, abraham Denton, Jonas Denton, martha Denton, Elizabeth Denton, Roger Oburne, Samuell Denton, abegall Denton, samuell Denton, Jonathan Rawlin (stepson), abegall Rowlin (stepdaughter), Ruth Denton, martha Denton, mary Denton.

In 1701, a woman named Mando petitioned the Queens County court for the freedom for her and her child, Hagar, from Samuel Denton. Samuel petitioned the sheriff of Westchester County to apprehend her, but the sheriff reported that he could not find her.

Samuel died on March 20, 1713 in Hempstead. His estate was administered by his sons, Samuel and Jonas since:

March 10, 1713, Hempstead. Mary Denton ye widdow and Relict of Samuel Denton, late of Hempstead in Queens County, doth for divers good causes and consideration hereunto moving, refuses to administer upon the estate of her deceased husband, Samuel Denton.

The date of Samuel's inventory was March 15, 1713 and was taken by Obediah Volintine and James Serion and it included two enslaved children and an enslaved man.

Account of Samuel and Jonas Denton, administrators paid:

Mary Denton (widow)
Peter Smith (grandson, son of Mary Ellison),
Jane and Joseph Robinson (daughter and son-in-law),
Elizabeth and Jonathan Seaman (daughter and son-in-law),
Abraham Denton (son),
James Denton (son),
Hannah and Thomas Beadwell (daughter and son-in-law),
Phoebe and Robert Mitchell (daughter and son-in-law),
Martha and Ezekiel Smith (daughter and son-in-law),
Jonas Denton (son).

Eastern Long Island was settled at Southold by English Puritans on October 21, 1640. Western Long Island was Dutch. The Conklins and other related families owned the entire area in the 17th century. The Dutch granted an English settlement in Hempstead (now in Nassau) in 1644. In 1664, the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam became English and was renamed New York.


from The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Volume 42 edited by Richard Henry Greene, et al.

Thomas Tredwell (John, Edward) died intestate, 1722, (before 25th May); married before 1698, Hannah Denton, died 17th August, 1748, aged 75 years, buried Sunk Meadow (Fort Salonga), Smithtown, New York, daughter of Samuel Denton of Hempstead, New York. Thomas Tredwell resided on Madnan’s Neck (Great Neck), town of Hempstead. His place of burial is uncertain. His widow moved to Smithtown, where she resided with her son, Timothy Tredwell, until her decease.













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