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Isaac Denton


North Carolina was one of the thirteen original Colonies. It was first settled by small farmers and grew quickly in the mid 18th century.

Isaac Denton was born about 1774 in Caswell, North Carolina. His parents were Abraham Denton and Mourning Hogg.

He married Rebecca Etheridge about 1794. Rebecca was born about 1778 in North Carolina.

Rebecca and Isaac's children included:

Elizabeth Denton (1798, married John Plumlee son of John Plumlee),
Hiram Denton (1800, married Elizabeth Cherry),
Mahala Denton (1804, married Benjamin Johnson),
Mourning Denton (about 1804 married Joseph Strong),
Telitha Denton (1806, married John Cherry),
Benjamin Denton (1809),
Noah Denton (1811, married Sarah Welch), and
Elijah Denton (1813).

He was on the 1802 tax list of Jackson County, Tennessee.

1820 Jackson Tennessee
A man and a woman over 45- Isaac & Rebecca
A woman between 26 and 44 - ?
2 men and 3 women between 16 and 25 Hiram age 20, Mahala age 16, Mourning,
a girl between 10 and 15 - Mourning
2 boys and a girl under 10 - Noah age 9, Elijah age 7 and Telitha

Cornelius Denton was also in Jackson County in 1820.

1830 Jackson Tennessee
a man and a woman- 50 thru 59 - Isaac & Rebecca
a woman 30 - 39
a man and 2 women 20 - 29
one boy 5 - 9

1836 Jackson
Abraham Denton
Alfred Denton
Allen Denton
Elizabeth (Cherry) Denton- widow of Hiram
Isaac Denton
Jeremiah Denton
Noah Denton
Samuel Denton

1840 Jackson Tennessee
a man and a woman 59 - 60

1850 Jackson Tennessee
Isaac Denton 76
Rebecca Denton 72

He is listed living with his son Noah on the 1870 census with an age of 104.














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