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Teter Nave

Robert Crow was born on January 1, 1751 in Virginia.

Robert served with Joseph Crockett's Company for 3 years during the American Revolution. He fought at the Monmouth Battle and was first stationed at Valley Forge

He married Nancy Campbell.

Nancy and Robert's children probably included:

John Crow,
Nancy Crow (1780, married Samuel Berry),
Robert C. Crow (1783 married Phoebe Williams),
Cary Crow (married Henry Nave, son of Teeter Nave),
Thomas Crow,
George Crow (married Sarah White),
William Crow (1788, married Rebecca Adams),
James Crow,
Margaret Crow (married Isaac Worley, son of John Worley),
Edward Crow, and
Elizabeth Crow (1793, married Emanuel Jenkins),

Robert married Polly Cox on September 23, 1825.

Robert and Polly's children included:

Jane Crow (married Martin Burnett) and
Martha Crow (married William P. Rutherford).

In 1777 at the Washington County, Virginia court:

Upon the compaint of William Willmore against his Master Robert Crow for Misusage and detaining him longter than the time he was obliged to serve by Law. This Day came the parties in their proper persons and the complaints aforesaid being fully heard it is the oppinion of the Court that the said William Willmore has not served his time agreeable to Law in that case made and provided he is ordered to return to his former service.

In 1779 at the Washington County, Virginia court:

Margaret Crow who stands presented by the Grand Jury being solemnly called but not appearing to gainsay the presentment Judgement is granted for twenty shillings and costs.

A Jury sworn to try the Issue joined between Robert Crow nearest of kin to Margaret Crow Plaintiff and Isaac Anderson Defendant.

John Crow, plaintiff, against John Walker, defendant, in case.

This day came the parties by their attornies and thereupon came also a Jury being sworn to try the Issue joined. . . upon their oaths do say that the defendant is guilty in manner and form as the Plaintiff against hi hath alledged and for his false clamour they do assss the damage at two pounds five shillings & costs. .

Captain Matlock and Captain Walker's company 1812 list for Roane County shows Robert Crowe and James Crowe.

Robert died on February 2, 1834.

State of Tennessee Roane County, Circuit Court
March Term 1834.
Personally appeared Wm. Crow & Gilbert Christian in open court and made oath that Robert Crow late a pension of the revolutionary war of said county departed this life on the 2nd day of February 1834, and that Polly Crow is his widow & relict.
Gilbert Christian, William Crow.
Sworn to in open court March 10, 1834,
E. G. Sevier, Clk.

Washington County, Virginia was formed from Fincastle County in 1777. It originally contained Sullivan County, Tennessee.


Carter County, Tennessee was organized from Washington County on April 9, 1796. Elizabethton is the county seat.

Robert Campbell Crow married Phoebe Williams.

Robert served in the War of 1812.

They settled on the Lincoln Plantation, in Carter County, Tennessee where they inherited land and enslaved people from Phoebe's aunt, Mary Ward Lincoln.

Robert and Phoebe's children may have included:

Isaac Lincoln Crow (1808, married Elizabeth Hart),
Elizabeth Crow (1810. married Solomon Hart),
Mary Crow (1812, married Abraham Hart),
Edward M. Crow (1815),
Jemima Crow (1817, married William Nave, son of John Nave),
Martha A. Crow (1818, married John Washington Lacy, S. P. Sorrell, and Isaac Lincoln Nave, son of John Nave),
Levisa Crow (1821, married Caleb Morrell),
C. C. Crow (1823),
Thomas Campbell Crow (1825, married Elva L. McQueen), and
William Nave Crow (1826, married Alice Morrell).




Isaac Lincoln Crow was born about 1808.

He married Elizabeth Hart on January 15, 1832 




from Washington County, Virginia Survey Records Abstracts submitted to the USGenWeb archives a by Rhonda Robertson

Robert Crow, assignee of James Montgomery
49 ac
Preemption Warrant #2029
dated February 12, 1782
on the south side of the middle fork of Holstein [Holston] River
corner to Samuel Edmondson's land
February 11, 1796


The Holston River flows from Kingsport to Knoxville.
map by Kmusser



[About 1850]
To the Honorable Thomas L. Williams,
Chancelor for the Eastern Division of  Tennessee,
holding Court for the Counties of Roan and Morgan,

Humbly Complaining show to your Honor
your Orator and Oratrix William  P. Rutherford and wife Martha formerly Martha Crow that

some sixteen or seventeen years ago the father of your Oratrix Martha departed this life in Roane County intestate and leaving the following named persons his children and heirs at law to wit: 

  • John Crow,
  • Nancy who intermarried with Samuel Berry,
  • Robert C. Crow,
  • Cary who intermarried with Henry Nave,
  • Thomas Crow,
  • George Crow,
  • William Crow,
  • Elizabeth who intermarried with Jenkins,
  • James Crow,
  • Margaret who intermarried with Isaac Worley,
  • Edward Crow,
  • Jane who intermarried with Martin Burnett
  • and your Oratrix Martha then an infant in  (ventes so mese ?) and now the lawful wife of your Orator William P. Rutherford.

Of the above named children and heirs

  • John Crow has died and left 
    • Benjamin Crow who now lives in Rhea County,
    • Robert Crow who now lives in Meigs County and
    • Polly Crow,
    • Brissy Crow and
    • Sally Crow who all live in Roane County his children and heirs at Law.
  • Samuel Berry who married Nancy Crow  is dead and his widow the said Nancy Berry now lives in Roane County.
  • Robert C. Crow,
  • Henry Nave and wife Cary formerly Cary Crow,
  • Thomas Crow and
  • Elizabeth Jenkins whose said husband is now dead formerly Elizabeth Crow all live in Carter County in this state.
  • George Crow is dead and left Polly who intermarried with Benjamin (Hustt ?) who lives in parts unknown to complainants,
  • James Crow who is dead leaving Mary Ann, George, and Sarah his children and heirs at Law whose residences are unknown to  complainants,
    • William Crow whose residence is unknown,
    • Robert N. Crow who lives in Roane County, 
    • Angiline who intermarried with William Qualls and who lives with her said husband in Roane  County,
    • Nancy who intermarried with John Butler and who lives with her husband in Roane County,
    • Manerva who intermarried with Richard Stubbs and who lives with her husband in Roane  County,
    • George Crow who lives in Roane County and
    • Sarah Crow who is a minor and who lives in  Roane County, his children and heirs at Law.
  • Edward Crow and
  • Isaac Worley and wife Margaret formerly Margaret Crow live in parts unknown to your complainants. 
  • William Crow and
  • Martin Burnett and wife Jane formerly Jane Crow live in  Roane County.

Your Complainants state that of the above named children all were the children of the said Robert of his first marriage except Jane the wife of Martin Burnett and your Oratrix Martha who were the children of the said Robert’s second and last marriage.

Your  Complainants charge that some time before the death of the said Robert Crow he and his son William  Crow aforesaid made a joint purchase of a certain tract of land in Roane County containing about 100 acres,

Complainants show that said purchase was a joint one and that the said Robert furnished at least half of the money which paid for the said land upon agreement with the said  William that they should be joint owners of the same.

Your Complainants state however that the  name of the said Robert was not (known) ? on this purchase and that the legal title to this entire tract bought was taken in the name of the said William Crow leaving in this said Robert an  Equitable title to one half the said tract.

Complainants state that some time after the purchase of said land by the said William Crow and the said Robert Crow deceased and after the legal title to the same had been conveyed by Deed to William Crow an agreement if this verbal or written was made between them for a division of the land and

Complainants state that such division of the land was actually made but not by Deed or any other instrument sufficent to convey the legal title to any part of the land to the said Robert Crow.

The part of said tract of  land taken by the said Robert upon the aforesaid parol division is (?) and described as follows to wit

  • lying in Roane County beginning on two Black Oaks on the line of Robert Crow (? )
  • thence with the Cross fence to the road leading to Cox’s ferry
  • thence up the said road to the second  marsh to two hickories oposite to a field cultivated by Edward Crow
  • thence Northwest along a marked line
  • until it strikes the back line of said William Crow’s tract
  • thence with the courses of said line to the beginning containing by estimation one hundred acres.

The legal title to the above described land was never conveyed by the said William to the said Robert but the afore-said division was altogether by parol and the legal title in the said William.

Complainants charge that at the time of the purchase of the aforesaid land by the said Robert and the said William

  • all the before named children of the said Robert by his first marriage had been  amply and largely advanced and provided for by him wither in lands money or personal property and to a much greater extent than the said Robert’s interest in the before described land and that
  • the aforesaid purchase by the said Robert in connection with the said William was made by  him solely with the view and intention of giving his interest in the purchase to the children of  his second marriage who was then unprovided for.

Complainants state that at the death of the said Robert the before named Jane now the wife of Martin Burnett was the only child born of the second marriage.

Your Oratrix Martha then living in (ventro so enese ? ) unknown to her father the said Robert was born a few months after his death.

A short time previous to the death of the said Robert the said William Crow in whom the legal title to the said land was executed a Deed conveying the legal title to that part of the joint purchase to which the said Robert had equitable title before described to the said land who as before stated the only child then born of the said Robert’s second marriage.

It may be that the said William in making the said deed acted upon the request of the said Robert but Complainants charge that if any such request was made it was made as a verbal request and did not amount to an authority from the said Robert to the said William sufficent in law to enable the said William to convey the said Robert’s interest in said land to the said Jane and if any such request was made it was made by the said Robert in his anxiety to provide for the children of his second marriage.

So it is Complainants charge that such request did not amount to an authority as it lacked writing signing and sealing.

The land thus conveyed by the said William Crow to the said [land] (inserted) is the same taken by the said Robert upon the aforesaid parol division and the Boundaries are the same as those herein  before given.

Complainants state that the title to this [possibly a page missing here]

say to what extent the said Robert Crow was interested in the aforesaid  purchase and what division was made of this land between him and the said Robert.

Let him also state the nature of the request on authority given him by the said Robert to convey the said land to the said Jane if any such authority existed.

Let the said (Andrew ?) answer and say whether he has not bought the said land and what knowledge he had of your Oratrix claim to the same  previous to his purchase.  

Complainants pray that all proper process may issue to compel the said defendants to answer this Bill and that publication be made as to the nonresidents.

And upon the hearing of this cause Complainants pray (that [strike through] that the title to a (?) of  the said land be decreed in your Oratrix by this Court and if they are mistaken in this profane prayer they ask such other further or different relief as they may be entitled to by the acts of the Honorable Court. February ? (?)  
Wm. P. Rutherford and wife Martha

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