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Colbaugh Family of Sullivan and Cater Counties, Tennessee

Colbach, Colbaugh, Colbough, Colbaugh, Colboth, Culbaugh , Colbock

Henry Colbaugh was born in in 1763 Pennsylvania.

He settled in Washington County before 1779.

In 1830, Henry was in Carter County, Tennessee.

a man and a woman between 50 & 59
2 women and a man between 20 & 29
a girl between 15 and 19
a girl between 10 & 14
a boy between 5 & 9

In 1784, Henry received a warrant for land in Sullivan County, Tennessee. At that time it was in North Carolina.


American pioneers migrated west to settle areas not previously inhabited by European Americans.

Jacob Colbaugh was at Cavet's Station with Captain James Gregg in 1793.

He was on the tax list of Carter County in 1796 and 1798.

On August 15, 1815, a Jacob Colbough, was surety for Catherine Colbough's marriage to William Engle.

In October, 1815. Jacob Colbach of Carter County sold Henry Colboch of Sullivan County 94 acre on the north side of the Watauga River for $350 The land was next to John Hendrix (Hendricks), Thomas Price and Garland. The sale was registered at the November, 1817 Court before William Carter, Jurat & David Humphreys, Jurat.

Sullivan County is in far northeast corner of Tennessee between North Carolina and Virginia and was originally part of those states. It was formed in 1779 when it was divided from Washington County.

Tennessee was admitted to the Union on June 1, 1796. It was initially part of North Carolina.

East Tennessee is part of Appalachia. At the end of the French and Indian War, colonists began drifting into the area. In 1769, they first settled along the Watauga River. During the Revolution, the Overmountain Men defeated British loyalists at the Battle of Kings Mountain. The State of Franklin was formed in the 1780s, but never admitted to the Union.

John Colbaugh was born about 1780 in Tennessee. He married Mary Milhorn or Mottern.

Matilda Colbaugh (1802),
Francina Colbaugh (1804, married John M. Smith),
George Colbaugh (1807, married Elizabeth McCorkle),
Lucinda (Sina) Colbaugh McCorkle (1812, married Samuel McCorkle),
Michael Colbaugh (1815, married Catherine Cox),
Martha (Patsy) Colbaugh (1817, married Dennis Nolan),
William Colbaugh (1818, married Elizabeth Smith)
Henry Colbaugh (1822, married Levisa Nave, granddaughter of Abraham Nave),
Samuel Colbaugh (1824, married Maria Carr),
Mary Jane Colbaugh (1825, married John Massengill son of Henry Massengill), and
Susan Colbaugh (1826, married Samuel Cross son of Jesse Cross).

In 1814, during the War of 1812, John Colbaugh was on Captain William King's muster.

John died on March 3, 1832.

In 1840 Mary and her son, Henry were in Piney Flats, Tennessee.
Watauga Pioneer Neighbors

Teter Nave

Carter County, Tennessee was organized from Washington County on April 9, 1796. Elizabethton is the county seat.




During the Civil war many citizens of East Tennessee opposed secession, but the area was under Confederate control from 1861 to 1863. Some citizens engaged in guerrilla warfare against state authorities and joined the Union army, while others were loyal to the confederacy. It was a heartbreaking case of neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother.

from The Massengills, Massengales and Variants, 1472-1931 by Samuel Evans Massengill, M.D. The King Printing Company, Bristol, Tennessee, 1931.

p. 324 The earliest Calbough we ever heard of in this section was our grandfather, John Calbough, who we think married a [Mary] Mottern. We do not know the order of the births of his children, but the following are the names:

a. The oldest, Henry, located in Meigs County, Tenn. and was living about 1929

b.Susan married a Cross. Think his name was Sam. She was the mother of Rev. Reece Cross of Sullivan County, and two daughters, Eliza and Leucreti

c. Lucinda married William McCorkle.

d. Sina married John M. Smith.
Their only son, Ruthedge Smith, was wounded when serving in the Confederate Army and was badly crippled for life.
Three daughters--Mary, who married John Arrants, who was also wounded while in the Confederate Army;

Eliza who married Christopher Baker, and A. B. who married William Anderson

e. Patsy married Dennis Nolan, an Irishman; one child Hyla Jane [Hilda Jane Colbaugh- who married George Malone [son of Jacob Malone and Elizabeth Webb]

f . William married Betty Smith. One child, George Calbough, Elizabethton, Tenn

g. William [sic-William] married Bettie Cox. Two children Lizzie, who died unmarried, and William who was killed in the Confederate Army at Richmond, Va. All communications were destroyed and his father walked from his home to Richmond in an unsuccessful attempt to recover the body

h. George located in Meigs County and later removed farther west

i. Samuel, who lived at Piney Flats married Maria Carr..

j. Mary Jane, next to the youngest, who was the third wife of John Massengill, son of Hal Massengill

k. The youngest child [?], Matilda, was accidently shot and killed when about 16 years old.

The American folk hero, David "Davy" Crockett (1786 – 1836), grew up in East Tennessee.


from Sullivan County Deed Book 1, p. 181: State of North Carolina to Helry Colpoh Transcribed by: Robert W. Keyes Jan 26, 2004 Source: LDS FHL film #972705

State of North Carolina
No 188
To all to whom these presents shall come Greeting Know ye that we for and in Consideration of the sum of fifty shillings for every hundred acres hereby granted paid into our treasury by Henry Colpoh have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the sd Henry Colpoh a tract of Land containing one hundred acres lying and being in our County of Sullivan the south side of Holston River on the waters of Indian Creek

  • Begining at a white oak
  • thence north Eighty Eight west two hundred and twenty Eight pole to a pine
  • thence south Eighty poles to a pine and Dogwood tree
  • then south twenty five East seventy Eight poles to a pine on the West side of a Large Ridge
  • then a straight line to the Begining

As by the plat hereunto annaxed doth appear together with all woods waters mines minerals hereditaments and appurtenances to the sd Land belonging or appertaining to hold to the sd Henry Colpoh...

...he twenty third day of October in the seventh year of our Independence and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty two ...

State of North Carolina
No 369
To all to whom these presents shall come greeting Know Ye that we for and in consideration of the sum of fifty shillings for every hundred Acres hereby granted paid into our treasuary by Henry Colpoh have given and and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the said Henery Colpoh a tract of land containing one hundred and fifty Acres lying and being in our County of Sullivan on the blue Spring

  • begining at two white oaks
  • thence on the boundary between Samuel Smith and said Colpoh
  • South forty seven and an half West two hundred & eight poles to a red oak
  • thence South forty three East two hundred and ten poles to a pine and Dogwood tree the corner of the Sout line of a hundred Acre Tract belonging to said Colpoh
  • thence North eighty poles to a pine thence a straight line to the begining

....the ninth day of November in the ninth year of our Independence and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty four ...



Washington County Marriages

Clabaugh, Sally married Smitzer, Peter on 25 January 1806

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