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Jacob Bowman

Bauman is also spelled Baughman, Baumann, Boman, and Bowman.

Boones Creek is a tributary of the Watauga River.

Jacob Bowman was born about 1773.

He married Eve Elizabeth Steele. Elizabeth was the daughter of Catherine Wine and Christopher Steele.

Jacob and Catherine's children included:
Catherine Bowman (1796, married Jacob Klepper),
Joseph Bowman (1805, married Mahala Carr daughter of Richard Carr),
Jacob Bowman (1806),
Isaac Bowman (1806, married Agnes Young),
Rebecca Bowman (1808, married William Meed or Nead),
Daniel Bowman (1810, married Elizabeth Miller, daughter of Jacob Miller),
John Bowman (1812, Eliza Mille, daughter of Jacob Miller),
Jacob Bowman (1814, married Sallie Campbell),
Benjamin Bowman (1815, married Eliza Gates),
Samuel Bowman (1818, married Margaret Hale),
Madison M.Bowman (1820, married Isabell Campbell),
Susan Bowman (married John Klepper), and
MaryBowman (married Jacob Hysinger).

American pioneers migrated west to settle areas not previously inhabited by European Americans.




1820 Hurr Mills v. Elias Bowman, John Bowman and Quinn Morton Washington Land and Title Dispute Mills purchased a 640 acre tract of land in Anderson County on Brushy Fork of Poplar Crk, E. Bowman loaned him $60 for security. When the term of stay ended, Bowman took it to court and had the land forfeited to him and conveyed it to his son, J. Bowman. Bowman then sold the land to Quin Morton
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