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  Also spelled Boran, Boreing, Boring Borring, Borin  

The State of Franklin was an unrecognized, independent state in what is now eastern Tennessee. It was created in 1784 with the intent of becoming the fourteenth state. Its first capital was Jonesborough. It existed for about four and a half years and then North Carolina re-assumed control.

Willliam Boring was born about 1737. He was the son of James Boring.

William's children may have included:

John Dorsey Boring (1765),
Margaret Boring (1766, married Caleb Odell),
Mary Ruth Boring (1768, married William Cox, not the Ruth Boring married to James Cox),
Absolom Boring (1771, married Hannah Little),
Joshua Boring (1773, married Mary Heartsell ),
Elijah Boring (1774, married Sarah Reno/Reneau),
William Boring (1776),
James Boring (1777),
Jacob Boring (1779),
Nathaniel Boring (1781),
Frances Boring (1783, married Abraham Hoss), and
Nicholas Boring (1785, married Hannah Cook and Rhoda Russell).

On July 11, 1780 Willaim Barren recorded three tracts of land (400 acres) in Washington and Sullivan Counties

In 1783 he appeared on the tax list of Baltimore County, Maryland, but the Borings did not move to Washington County, Tenessee until 1787/8.

On August 6, 1788, William Borring signed as bondsman for Peggy (Margaret) Borring to Caleb ODell.

In 1792 William Boren appeared on the Washington County tax list with 100 acres and one white poll. He was in Captain Tullis' old company.

In 1793 and 1794, William Boren appeared on the Washington County tax list with 74 acres and no poll. He was in Captain Morrison's Company. He remained in Morrison's Company through 1801.

In January, 1795, his son in law, Caleb Odell, sold William 76-3/4 acres on Brush Creek, for 55 pounds. The land bordered Charles Reno/Reneau. The deed was witnessed by Thomas Gourley and John Tipton.

In 1795 he had 76 acres on Brush Creek.
In 1796 he had 73 acres on Brush Creek.

In 1796 he inherited 100 acres from his father on Brush Creek.

In 1798, 1799 and 1801, he had 176-3/4 acres.

In 1814 he was in Captain Hoss' Company.

He sold Elijah Boring the land he inherited from his father for $333. The land was next to Robert Young;. The witnesses were Chaney Boring and Kinsey Rose.

lWilliam died in 1816 and his estate was probated on September 6, 1816 in Washington County. Abraham Hoss administered the estate. He sold the 76-3/4 acre tract to Joshua Boring for $250. The witnesses were Horatio Ford, William Wheeler and Joseph Melvin.

Washington County, Tennessee,was established in 1777 as Washington County, North Carolina. From 1784 to 1788,it was part of the State of Franklin.

A tithable was a person for whom a head tax was to be paid. The definition varies over time and place, but generally included members of the potentially productive labor force.
A poll tax is a tax levied on every poll. The definition of a poll also varied, but was generally a man of legal age.


John Dorsey Boring (1765), (There were two John Dorsey Borings in Washington County and it is difficult to distinguish them. One was son of James and the other was son of William)

On May 11, 1790. “John Dorsey Boring was ordered by the Washington County, Tennessee court to pay child support for a base born child of Mary Cooper.”

In 1799 John Boren was in Captain Morrison’s Company in the Washington County tax list.

In 1811 John Boring and others bought 4 acres for a Methodist Church and a schoolhouse in Brush Creek area.

February 19, 1812, 150 acres on Brush creek were granted to Nathaniel Taylor who assigned 70 to John Boring and Joshua Boring, assignee of John Boring. The land was bordered by Andrew Wolf’s, William Boring and William Wheeler.


Absolom Boring (1771) was William Boring's son. There were three Absolom Borings in the 1801 tax lists of Washington County.

At the February Term, 1790 of the Washington Court, an Absolom Boring was ordered pay for the maintenance Jean Odell's child. Mordecai Price was the security.

On October 3, 1793, Absolom married Hannah Little.

Absolom bought 91 1/4 acres on Brush Creek from Charles Reno/Reneau for 150£. The land bordered Joseph Denton and William Barron. The witnesses were Thomas and Elizabeth Ford.

Absolom was Captain Morrison’s Company in 1798, 1799, and 1801.
1801, Absolom Boring, 91 acres

Absolom died in 1815.


Elijah Boring was born about 1774.

On November 1, 1794 he married Sarah Reno/Reneau. Sarah was born on March 24, 1774. She was the daughter of Charles Reno/Reneau and Elizabeth Tipton.

Ruth Boring Smith (1796, married John Smith),
Orrie Boring Hart (1797, married William Hart),
Isaac Boring (1799, married Catherine Cobb Conner),
John Tipton Boring (1800, married Margaret Howard, Ruth Howard, and Elizabeth Threewet),
William Boring (1802, married Phoebe Proffitt),
Charles Bartley Boring (1805, married Rhoda H. Williams),
Rebecca Boring, (1808 , married John Keys),
Abraham Heiter Boring (1810, married Bertha Martin and Sarah Robinson),
Albert Marshall Boring (1812), and
Betsa Louisa Boring (1813).

In the 1798 tax list, he was in Captain Morrison’s Company.

In 1806 he bought 100 acres from William Boring for $333. Witness, Chaney Boring and Kinsey Rose.

The same year he bought 50 acres on Brush Creek from John Sherfey for $166.67. Witness Ephraim Anderson, William Nelson, and John Crouch.

In 1814, Elijah had 190 acres and was in Captain Heartsell’s Company.

Most Americans were farmers in the 18th and early 19th centuries.


William Boring was born about 1776.

In 1798 he was in Captain Morrison’s Company.

In 1814 he was drafted to serve under Colonel Samuel Bayless.

In 1818 the court ordered that Martin Rorex be appointed guardian to William's children, Ezekiel, John, Fanny, and Patsy Boring.



Watauga Pioneer Neighbors

Washington Co., Tennessee Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions,
February Term
1790, p. 433.

Absolom Boring to pay Jean Oddle for 10 pounds for support of baseborn child from birth;
security: Mordecai Price,
Caleb Odle (Jurat [one who has taken an oath])

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