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William Blevins


Pittsylvania County, Virginia was formed in 1767 from Halifax County. In 1777 the western part became Henry County.

William Blevins was born about 1740 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. He was the probably the son of William Blevins. He was called Colonel.

He married Ann Dunn.

Catherine Blevins (1771, married Henry Blevins),
Milly Blevins (1772),
William R. Blevins (1774, married Mary Cawood),
Abigail Blevins (1776, married John Cawood),
Sarah Blevins (1777),
John R. Blevins (1778, married Ruth Morrell),
Elizabeth Blevins (1780, married John Blevins),
James Blevins (1781, married Sally Blevins),
Clara Blevins (1783, married Matthew Blevins),
Walter Blevins (1785, married Elizabeth Hinkle),
Gatewood Blevins (1790, married Catherine Hughes), and
Nancy Blevins (1794, James Lovelace).

He patented land in Halifax County, Virginia on March 10, 1756.

They settled on land along the Holston River about 1780.

In 1777, William, John, James and Abraham Blevins signed the Petition of Holston Men.

In 1787 William Blevins received grants 1348, and 1426 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

In 1790, James George, John Booher, James Blevins, Agatha Cawood, Armstead Blevins, John Cawood, Jr., John Morrell, John Blevins, John Russell, Thomas Majors, Robert Cowan, William Blevins, Peter Hugh and Walter Blevins signed the first school contract in the Holston Valley with the teacher, John Russell.

He was mentioned in John Sevier's diary in 1802

Thurs., Oct. 14: Went to William Blevins', tarried all night. 

In 1812, Gatewood Blevins, an heir of William Blevins, relinquished to John Blevins, son of William Blevins, his share of the Sullivan County land then in possession of Ann Blevins, widow of William.

This Indenture made and entered into this 20th day of November, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen [1818] by and between
William Blevins,
James Blevins,
John Blevins,
John Blevins Snr and
Gatewood Blevins,
Wanters Blevins,
Sarah Blevins,
Clary Blevins,
Pattsy Blevins,
Elizabeth Blevins,
John Cawood & wife Happy Cawood,
James Llovelace & wife Nancy of the one part

and William Mackey and Joseph Rhea of the County of Sullivan and State of Tennessee of the other part.

....for and in consideration of the sum of two Hundred dollars to them sold and delivered unto the said William Mackey and Joseph Rhea their Heirs, Executors, administrators and assigns all that tract or parcel of land containing Two Hundred Never more or less lying and in the County of Sullivan and State of Tennessee on the top of the Iron Mountain...

Colonel William died about 1825 in Sullivan County, Tennessee.

1826 Chancery suit:
Milly Blevins, Complaintant vs.
Wm. R. Blevins,
Sarah Blevins,
Catharine Blevins,
Henry Blevins,
James Blevins,
John Cawood, his wife Happy,
John Blevins, his wife Betsy,
Mathew Blevins, his wife Clara,
Walter Blevins,
Gatewood Blevins,
James Lovelass, his wife Nancy,
Caleb Morrell, his wife Patsey, respondent;

Court says that the said William R. Blevins do pay the said Milly Blevins $29.0 1/2 in full of her fathers estate not barring her from any claim she may not have on her mothers death to any property now in her said mother's hands and that the legal cost which may have accrued

......signed Ireson Longacre,
Abraham McClelland,
Samuel Jelley,
John Thomas

This was heard at Nov. Term 1827; William R., Sarah, Henry & Catherine, James, John Blevins, John & Happy, John & Betsy, Matthew & Clara, Walter, and Gatewood Blevins, James & Nancy Lovelass, Caleb & Patsy Morrell vs. Milly (alias) Nelly and Preston Blevins & James B. Cawood

Halifax County, Virginia was established in May, 1752 from Lunenburg County. The counties of Henry, Patrick and Pittsylvania and part of Franklin were formed out of Halifax.

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from Sullivan County, Tennnesse Deed Book 7

15 Feb 1817
William Blevins Sr and John Blevins his son to Ireson Longacre, all of Sullivan Co, for $110 dollars, 50 acres in Sullivan County on the Holston River. Begin on a corner to the land on which Ireson Longacre now lives on, then S107 poles to the river, up the meanders of the river to a white oak on a bluff near a spring in the margin of the river, then N6 W72 poles, then to the beginning.

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