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William Blevins


Halifax County, Virginia was established in May, 1752 from Lunenburg County. The counties of Henry, Patrick and Pittsylvania and part of Franklin were formed out of Halifax.

William Blevins was born about 1691. He was called Old Bill.

His children may have included:

James Blevins (1708, married Sarah Stetson),
Mary Blevins (1710, married Elisha Wallen),
Daniel Blevins (1712, married Sarah Sutton),
John Blevins (1716),
William Blevins (1718, married Agnes Wallen).

Before 1740, his sons and son-in-law, Elisha Wallen, went on long hunting expeditions to Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky.

On March 13, 1748, John, James and William Blevins had land surveyed in an area of Virginia that would become Henry County.

They built a blockhouse on Smith River, in what would become Henry County, Virginia with the Wallen family.

In 1751, the Moravian Records reported that William Blevins and his sons

would bring in to the local trading post more pelts than there was cash to pay for, but that they would gladly accept goods in lieu of cash.

There is no name on the hunter roll more familiar than the name of Blevins. Once William Blevins had to go through the mountains to salt his cattle. He came upon them in a small clearing and was just in time to see them stampeded by a panther that had just killed a small heifer. As soon as the panther saw Blevins it leaped for him and succeeded in reaching his belt, which it tore from him, but with a dextrous swing of his knife Blevins freed himself, the beast paying the penalty for its rash deed. (from Historic Sullivan)

In 1767 John Blevins (son of Daniel), John Blevins, Sr., Dillon, and James Jr. appeared on the tax list in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

William died in 1767 in Virginia. 

Pittsylvania County, Virginia was formed in 1767 from Halifax County. In 1777 the western part became Henry County.



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