An American Family History


Company C
5th Regiment of the Tennessee Volunteers


Mustered into the service of the United States against Mexico
Nov 10th, 1847
Discharged July, 20th 1848 at Memphis, Tennessee


The Mexican–American War was an armed conflict between the United States and Mexico from 1846 to 1848 after the US annexed Texas. Mexico claimed ownership of Texas and did not recognize the successful secession.

Wm. H. Almaroad  
David Almaroad, C.  
Audley Anderson  
Saml. R. Anderson, 2nd. Lieut.
Johathan Bachman  
James Barnes  
Thomas Berry  
Dillion D. Blevins  
Andrew Blevins  
James Blevins  
Geo. W. Bookhamer  
John Bowling  
John Braden,  
D. B. Bragg  
L. O. Byers  
James Carden  
C. C. Cargale  
Geo. L. Carlton  
Thos. Carroll  
Thos. D. Carter  
Elkana Cross  
Geo. Crudgington  
James Dinsmore  
Enos Dinsmore  
Elkana D. Droke  
Allen Dyer  
Thos. O. Elkins  
Nelson Elsey  
John W. Emmert  
Endemon Foster  
Gabriel Frye  
Wm. D. Fulkner  
John G. Gale  
Wm. J. Gale  
Wm. Gertman  
W. W. Good  
James Good Musician
Wm. Graham  
Endiman Hall  
Elisha Harbor  
Wm. H. Harkleroad  
— Hensley  
David S. Hilton  
David Ingle  
James G. King  
Wm. King 2nd. Lieut.
Jacob H. Latture  
G. S. Love  
John W. Malone  
Samuel G. McClellan  
George R. McClellan Captain
John McCrary  
Walker McCrary  
William McKamy  
John McMinn  
James Milhorn  
Joel D. Millard  
Stephen H. Miller  
Wm. H. Moore  
John Moore  
David P. O’Brian  
James J. Odell  
Wm. D. Offield  
James Patton  
Isaac Pearce  
Benjamin Phillips  
Wm. O’B. Pile  
Joseph S. Pitman  
Job Powell  
Calvin M. Prince  
Jesse Pullum  
William Rimmer  
Jacob Rodgers  
Thos. Rodgers  
Saml. W. Scott  
James K. Shaver  
John S. Shaver 1st Lieut.
Richard Shipley  
Nathan H. Shipley  
Elkana D. Shipley  
Josiah Smith  
Hugh R. Smith  
Wm. Smith  
John M. Smithson  
Wm. L. Smithson  
Jno. T. Snapp  
Sol. H. Whitaker  
G. H. Whitaker  
W. M. Willoughby  
Joseph P. Wilson  
James H. Wilson  



Clarksville Weekly Chronicle 
(Clarksville, Tennessee)
07 Sep 1847










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