An American Family History


1840 Federal Census
Neighbors of the Smith Family
in Piney Flats, Tennessee

Adam White    
Edward H. White,    
David Dyer,    
Jesse Collins,    
Jonathan King   son of Isaac King
David Jones,    
Francis Hodge,    
Catharine Smith,    
Samuel Latture,    
Charles Collins,    
Jacob Gross   probably Jr.
John Milhorn,    
Samuel Scott,    
Lucinda Hall,    
George Milhorn [Jr.],    
Christina McCorkle,   widow of Samuel McCorkle
George Colbaugh [Calbough],    
Martha McKinley Alison,   widow of Robert Alison
Sarah White King    
Thomas King    
Alexander Dyer    
Acklin Woods    
William Hodge    
Francis Hodge,    
Thomas Smalling    
John F    
Andrew ??,    
James Riley,    
Samuel Torbett    
Rupel R. Goss    
William B. Logan    
Joseph Torbett    
Catharine Payne Torbett   widow of Hugh Torbett
Hugh Torbett    
John McKarny    
Stephen Taylor    
Hardin Copper    
Benjamin Byeray    
Abraham Hoymes    
Levi Taylor    
James M. Newton    
Michael Massengill    
Samuel Miller    
Robert Hughes    
David Hughes    
Jefferson Newton    
Fanny Scott    
Lumuel Wilder    
David Scalf    
Samuel Rndemont    
Robert Stuart    
John Stuart (Stewart)    
Ann Geisler    
Samuel Smith    
George Hardin    
Joseph Scott    
Isaac McKinley    
Jacob Devault    
Mary Scott    
James Cawood    
John Smith    
Solomon Smith    
John Smith    
Thomas Hughes    
Edmund Hiatt    
Robert Smalling    
Richard Arrants    
Mary Mottern Colbaugh    
Henry Colbaugh    
Jacob Taylor    
Rufus M. White    
Benjamin Booher    
Jesse Morrell    
Mary Smith    
John Smith    
William Arrants    
Nancy Barnett    
David Woods    
Keziah Smith    
Rebecca Wallace    
John Woods    
Laure Jones    
John Wapans    
Jacob Lindawood    
Valentine Little    
Martin Little    
Andrew Little    
David Troxell    












Colonial Maryland
Colonial New England
Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
Quakers & Mennonites
New Jersey Baptists
German Lutherans
Watauga Settlement
Pennsylvania Pioneers
Midwest Pioneers
Jewish Immigrants

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