An American Family History


1840 Buffalo Ridge, Tennessee
Washington County, Tennessee

John Saunders    
Abram S. Hicks    
John Foust    
Elkana Bray    
George Little    
Levi Ford    
Samuel L. Miller    
Samuel Spirgin b. 1793, also Spurgeon married Jane Ashworth
Abel Sells    
Catharine Akard Conant   widow of Jonathan Conant
Joseph Spirgin    
Thomas C. Poindexter    
Barbara Geisler Hysinger   widow of Henry Hysinger
John S. King    
Joseph McCrary (McCray)    
Henry Barr b. 1795 married Hannah Stouffle
Joshua Hamilton    
Abraham Gregg    
William Jarvis    
William King    
Anson L. Hodges    
John Davidson    
Rollen Hodges    
James Gregg    
Washington Willing b. 1807 in TN, Willen married Sarah Barr
John Pitts,    
David L. Cross,    
William Work,    
Samuel Meanes,    
Margaret Rhea    
Abraham Cross    
Cornwallace Perdue    
Jems Smith,    
Rayburn Buchanan b. 1795 married Elizabeth Rhea daughter of William Rhea
Joseph C. Rhea   son of William Rhea
Margaret Rhea Netherland, b. 1798 widow of Samuel Netherland, daughter of William Rhea
Nelson Right, b. 1790  
Amos Malone,   son of George
John Cross   prob. son of Abraham
Drury Wood    
David Cross    
Simon Deck    
Martha Landon,    
John Hilton    
Hannah Hilton,    
Elizabeth McClane    
David Rogers,    
Edmond Green,    
John Hull    
Frederch Hull b. 1777 in Virginia married Mary Ann Cook
Obed Hull   married Margaret Nave
Samuel Rhea    
John Hamilton,    
Peter Raden    
Elkana Dulaney b. 1770, doctor married Margaret Snap












Colonial Maryland
Colonial New England
Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
Quakers & Mennonites
New Jersey Baptists
German Lutherans
Watauga Settlement
Pennsylvania Pioneers
Midwest Pioneers
Jewish Immigrants

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