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1830 Federal Census
Neighbors of the Smith Family
in Piney Flats, Tennessee

rocky mount

Rocky Mount
Piney Flats, Tennessee
Originally built by William Cobb.
Served as the territorial capital from 1790 to 1792. 
The present house was buiilt in the late 1820s.
William King   son of John  
William Allen Dyer      
Susan Rinehart   daughter of Lewis Rinehart  
Rachel McClellan Gregg   widow of James Gregg  
Robert Hodge      
William Mayers      
John Davidson      
William Hodge      
John King, Sr. b. 1758 son of Edward  
Thomas King, Sr. b. 1754 son of Edward  
Thomas Berry b. 1793 son of Samuel, married Eleanor King d. of Thomas King  
Alexander Dyer      
Andrew White      
David Marsh      
Joshua Hamilton      
John Sanders b. 1786 married Barbara Hodges of William  
John Sanders, Sr. b. 1754    
Abram Smith   of William  
Jonathan King      
Francis Hodge Sr. b .1768    
Susan Collins,      
Samuel Latture   married Catherine Devault  
William Smith   of Samuel  
Jacob Waggoner,      
Thomas Smalling   Smallen, married Rachel Smith of Zebulon  
Barbary Waggoner      
Jacob Geisler   son of Johann Adam Geisler  
John Geisler   son of Johann Adam Geisler  
Mary Waggoner      
Richard Hicks      
Gabriel Devault,      
Samuel Devault,      
Catharine Humphreys Smith,      
Godfrey Cox      
Zachariah Cross,      
William Malone      
Rachel Malone   widow of George Malone  
George Malone, Sr.   husband of Mary Smith
son of George Malone
Jacob Emmert   of George  
John Smith      
Robert Smith      
Jesse Cross      
Charles Collins      
Richard Blair b. 1794 married Rhoda, served War of 1812  
Conrad Weaver      
David Wilds      
David Webb b. 1795    
Solomon Morgan      
Frederick Jones      
John Emmert 1800-1870, son of Jacob (George), married Ruth Webb  
Henry Massengil      
Henry Jones b. 1770 in England married Nancy Devault or Cross  
John Jones b 1806 son of Henry  
Catherine Smalling      
John Smith, Senior b. 1786    
John L. Feathers 1783 in Virginia    
Nicholas Mottern 1753    
Henry Mottern 1794 son of Nicholas  
Patsy Hunt      
Thomas Beard      
Joseph Greenway      
? Emmert      
Samuel McCorkle      
Samuel Newton      
Elisha Cole      
Valentine Little      
Mary Waggoner      
David Woods      
John Woods      
David Troxell b. 1770 in Virginia    
John Hickey      
Nancy Barnet,      
William Arrants,      
Mary Smith      
John Smith   of Solomon  
Harmon Arrants      
Richard Arrants      
Benjamin Foster      
Robert Smalling   Smallen  
Thomas Hughes   son of David Hughes  
John Colbaugh [Calbough]      
John Hanks      
Rachel Gwynn      
Jacob Taylor      
Adam Geisler b. 1787 married Mary DeVault  
Robert Hughes   son of David Hughes, married Elizabeth DeVault  
Michael Massengil      
Alfred Martin      
Jacob Emmert      
Peter Emmert      
William Little      













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