An American Family History


McLin's Company
Colonel William Lillard
October 12, 1813 – February 8, 1814

Adair James      
Arrington John      
Arrington Thomas      
Barger Henry      
Bean Charles appointed armorer    
Bean Russell First lieutenant; detached to armory    
Bean Russell Jr. transferred from East to West Tennessee troops    
Bell Brooksey      
Blackburn Thomas corporal    
Boring Amon      
Boring Dossy      
Bowser George      
Brown John      
Brown William      
Broyles Cornelius S.      
Campbell Alexander      
Carmichael William      
Coon Peter      
Cosson Isaac N.      
Cowan John      
Duncan John      
Epperson Benjamin in room of Ransom Matlock    
Epperson Thomas      
Forbush Thomas      
Forbush William      
Gains Thomas; joined from Captain Cole’s Company on December 9, 1813    
Gilles George      
Glass William      
Gray John corporal    
Greenfield Peter      
Guin William      
Hartman Marshall      
Hill Robert      
Humphreys James      
Johnson William      
Jones James      
Jones William      
Jordan Lewis detached as waggoner    
Kelly Elijah      
Kenedy Robert S.      
Keys Isaac      
Keys Jeremiah      
King, John sergeant probably son of John King  
Kinny Daniel      
Kinny John      
Kortz John sergeant    
Lane Abraham sergeant    
Lane Samuel sergeant    
Lemmon John; discharged at Camp Outlaw    
Lisinbay Charles      
Lisinbay William      
Little Isaac      
Marsh Gravinar discharged at Camp Outlaw    
McCall John      
McCall Robert      
McClure Ewing      
McCracken John      
McLin William Captain    
Mercer Thomas      
Miller Henry      
Nelson David; des      
Painter Adam left sick at Maryville    
Patterson Alexander      
Pritchett Charles      
Richards Abraham      
Rodgers William discharged at Knoxville    
Russell William      
Ryehord George      
Shields William      
Slemons William      
Snap George      
Starns John      
Stevens John      
Strain Robert ensign    
Thompson Adam      
Thompson Isaac      
Thorp James corporal    
Wallace David      
White James      
Willet Nimrod First lieutenant    
Zeans Samuel sergeant    










Colonial Maryland
Colonial New England
Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
Quakers & Mennonites
New Jersey Baptists
German Lutherans
Watauga Settlement
Pennsylvania Pioneers
Midwest Pioneers
Jewish Immigrants

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