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The Sullivan County Militia


In September, 1793 Gregg’s Company of the Sullivan County Militia was dispatched to the Knoxville area. In June 12, 1793, a government representative had arranged to meet with the Cherokee to discuss peace. During this meeting, Beard's Company of mounted militiamen ambushed and killed about a dozen Cherokee.

They Sullivan Militia camped on the south side of the Tennessee River a few miles from Cavett's Station on September 25, 1793. That day an army of Creek and Cherokee warriors under the leadership of the Cherokee chief, John Watts attacked Alexander Cavett's Station in Knox County and slaughtered the family.

Muster Roll of a Company of Infantry Commanded by Captain James Gregg in the Regiment of Sullivan County Militia, Southwest Territory, in the United States Commanded by Gilbert Christian, Esquire, from September 1, to December 3, 1793


The Cherokeewere indigenous people who lived in the southern Appalachian mountains. European Americans called their towns in eastern Tennessee, the Overhill Towns. The towns included Chota, Tellico and Tanasi.

In 1776, the Cherokee planned to drive settlers out of the Washington District. The settlers were warned and stopped the first attack at Heaton's Station. The second attack was stopped at Fort Watauga. In response to these attacks, the militia burned Tuskegee and Citico.

In 1780, while the militia was away at the Battle of Kings Mountain, the Cherokee raided the setttlements. When the militia returned, Colonel John Sevier's men defeated the Cherokee at Boyd's Creek and destroyed most of the remaining towns.

Allison, Finley Sept 20 - Dec 3  
Allison, John substitute for William Bean  
Archer, Meredith    
Birdwell, Benjamin    
Birdwell, George    
Birdwell, George    
Bishop, Thomas    
Bowry, Francis Killed at Cavet's Station, Sept 5  
Britton, Abraham sergeant  
Brooks, John    
Browning, Amory corporal - present, sick  
Bryant, William sick at Martin's Station  
Cavett, Richard    
Clarkson, Perkins    
Colbaugh, Jacob or Calbaugh  
Cottrell, John    
Crain, Charles    
Davis, John    
Duncan, Robert    
Faust, John    
Ford, Dye substitute for William Gifford  
Fulkerson, John sick at Martin's Station  
Graham, John sergeant  
Gregg, James captain  
Hanna, Daniel    
Harrington, Peter discharged by Colonel John Scott
Oct 25
Hicks, William    
Humphreys, David Sept 20 - Dec 3  
King, James    
King, John corporal  
Large, Robert    
McClellan, John ensign  
McKaughhan, Archibald    
Mercer, Nathaniel sergeant  
Miller, Henry    
Moyers, John    
Nash, Ira corporal  
Neighdever, George    
Osborn, Mark    
Pallatt, Abraham    
Person, Peter    
Prothro, David sergeant  
Richardson, Thomas    
Roller, Martin    
Russell, Bryce    
Schultz, Jacob    
Sharp, Anthony lieutenant  
Shoemaker, Daniel    
Shoemaker, Thomas    
Smith, John substitute for Joseph Denton  
Sowerd, Griffin enrolled but never joined  
Spurgen, John Killed at Cavet's Station, Sept 5  
Taylor, James    
Thomas, Richard    
Troxal, David    
Webb, Aaron    
West, Samuel Sept 20 - Sept 30 - died Sept 30  












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