An American Family History


Tithables taken by Walter Crockett
from William Sayers
to the Head of Holston River

The Holston River flows from Kingsport to Knoxville.
map by Kmusser
John Adam,    
James Addams,    
John Addams,    
John Alcorn,    
Thomas Armstrong,    
Jacob Beam,    
Thomas Bell,    
William Bell,    
Charles Blackley,    
Alexander Bohanan,    
Adam Bough,    
John Boyd,    
Robert Breckenridge,    
James Buchanan,    
Joseph Buchanan,    
Robert Buchanan,    
George Cakley,    
Alexander Campbell,    
Robert Campbell,    
William Campbell,    
Daniel Chapman,    
Edward Chapman,    
Job Chapman,    
George Coon,    
John Crockett (Lew, an enslaved man),  
Joseph Crockett,    
Samuel Crockett,    
Walter Crockett (Peg, an enslaved woman),  
Ashel Davies,    
James Davies,    
Samuel Davies,    
William Davies,    
John Diver,    
David [Doak] Doack,    
3 Doack sons,    
Jacob Dobler,    
George Dougherty,    
Frederick, Edwards,    
Charles Ellison (Judith who was enslaved),  
James Ellison,    
William Ellison,    
Frances Farmer,    
James Finley, Jr.,    
James Finley, Sr.,    
John Frederick,    
Thomas Geather,    
John Gillihan,    
James Hamilton,    
Edward Hamman,    
Samuel Handley,    
George Harbison,    
James Hays,    
James Hollis (Hannah who was enslaved),  
John Hownshell,    
Patrick Johnston,    
John Kelley,    
Sofel Ketring,    
Adam Kettring,    
Frank Kettering,    
Jacob Kettering (and servantman),  
Gasper Kinder,    
George Kinder,    
Jacob Kinder,    
Peter Kinder,    
Philip Kinder,    
James King    
John King    
William King    
Jacob Kinser,    
Walter Kinser,    
John Kitts,    
John Leaster,    
Andrew Little    
George Little    
Matthew Little,    
Henry Long,    
James McDannel,    
Magness McDannel,    
Archabel McNeel,    
John McNit,    
John Messersmith,    
James Miller,    
John Miller    
James Montgomery,    
John Montgomery,    
Joseph Montgomery,    
Samuel Montgomery, Jr,    
Samuel Montgomery, Sr,    
Thomas Montgomery,    
William Montgomery Jr,    
William Montgomery Sr.    
Frederick Moore    
William Phips,    
Josiah Ramsey    
William Sayer (Harry, Peg, and Agg who were enslaved),  
Edward Sharp    
Arnel Shell,    
David Stone,    
Martain Stally,    
Jehu Stephens,    
William Thomson,    
Henry Wagener,    
Adam Walker,    
Michael Weaver,    
Charles Whillen,    
Joseph White,    
John Willey,    
John Willson,    
Thomas Willson,    
Alexander Willy,    
John Wirick,    
Nickles Wirick,    
Michael Wompler    










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Colonial New England
Colonial Virginia & West Virginia
Quakers & Mennonites
New Jersey Baptists
German Lutherans
Watauga Settlement
Pennsylvania Pioneers
Midwest Pioneers
Jewish Immigrants

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