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Turbut/Turbot Township-The Early Years


Selections from Bell's History of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania

The present area of Turbut township is but a small fraction of the territory comprised within its limits more than a century ago. It was one of the original subdivisions of the county, and was erected on the 9th of April, 1772, at the first court of private sessions in Northumberland county. . .

These limits comprised all of Northumberland and Montour counties north of the Susquehanna, with a large part of Columbia.. . . At February sessions, 1775, a petition
was presented for the consideration of the county court of quarter sessions, setting forth that Turbut was

too extensive for the management of one constable, collector, or assistant assessor,

whereupon a division was ordered. . .


St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, two miles east of Milton, is the oldest consecrated burial ground in the valley of the West Branch. A small piece of ground was given by the Kieffer family for burial and parochial purposes at an early period in the history of this region, and, owing to the fact that the ground was afterwards consecrated, interments were made here from distant points throughout the central part of the State. . , It is impossible to state when the first burial occurred, but no doubt as early as 1787 . . .

The Follmer and Paradise Cemeteries are the last resting places of the German families of this part of the county through several generations. Many of the oldest graves are unmarked, and the earliest inscriptions are usually in German and scarcely legible.

Hawkins Boone erected the first mill in the township; it stood on Muddy run, and was built prior to the year 1779, when the proprietor lost his life in an attempt to relieve Fort Freeland with a company of rangers under his command, and his property was destroyed. . .

Follmer's Evangelical Lutheran Church derives the name by which it is popularly and generally known from the Follmer family, by whom it was founded. The following extract is taken from the will of Michael Follmer, dated October 7, 1793:

Fifteen pounds to the Dutch Lutheran church, and ten pounds toward the building of a school house, and ten pounds shall be disposed of toward the teaching of the poor children which may belong to the church above mentioned, which will be built in the township of Turbut.

That it was accordingly built is sufficiently evidenced by the following extract from a deed from Conrad Cook to John Follmer, dated April 13, 1799:

Conrad Cook and John Follmer by their article of agreement [1796], did agree that agreeably to the will of Michael Follmer, deceased, two acres of ground should be given for the use of the Lutheran congregation, whereon the Lutheran meeting house now stands, agreeably to marks and bounds made in the survey by William Davis.

Northumberland County, Pennsylvania was settled after the French and Indian Wars when settlers seeking land began migrating along the Susquehanna River. It was formally established in 1772.





Head of Household comments family
Robert Allen    
James Anderson    
Daniel Backus    
Thomas Barr 1748-1820 WRC, Revolution served under Roman, Schuyler and Stevens Magaret Barr 1750-1820
James Biggars/Biggert    
Samuel Blair    
James Blaine 1749-1863   Margery 1757-1834
William Boyd 1765-1807 b. in Delaware WRC, went to Highland, Ohio w. Anna Murray
Mathew Bradley    
William Brown    
Peter Brugler    
Jacob Bruner    
Robert Cairns    
Robert Carrigan one servant  
Charles Clark    
Samuel Clark    
Silas Cook    
John Covert    
Matthew Curry    
Philip Davis    
William Davis    
Neal Davis    
Thomas Dearmond 1735-1811 from Ireland m. Peggy King
John Dearmond/DeArmond    
Titus Doane    
Stephen Drake    
John Durham    
John Eason    
Robert Eason    
James Espy    
Barnabas Farran    
James Ferguson    
James Fitzsimmons   s. of John
John Fitzsimmons d. 1798    
Robert Fitzsimmons   s. of John
William Fitzsimmons   s. of John
John Follmer/Fullmer    
George Follmer    
Jacob Follmer    
Michael Follmer    
Michael Freeland    
Frederick Follmer    
John Fulkerson    
Alexander Fullerton    
Ephraim Garrison    
John Gibbons WRC  
Alexander Gibson    
John Gilliland    
Thomas Gilmore    
William Gilmore    
Samuel Gold    
Alexander Guffy 1750 WRC Margaret Scott 1757-1822
Hugh Hamilton/Hambleton WRC  
Lt. David Hammond 1746-1801 Revolutionary war soldier m. Jane Hanna
George Hammond b. 1745 captured by indigenous warriors in Revolution and held prisoner by Hessians for five years m. Jane McCormick
James Hammond b. 1720 WRC m. Grace Kelly
James Harrison    
James Hays/Hayes    
Aaron Hemrod    
George Hood    
John Hood    
William Howell    
Archibald Hume    
Joseph Hutchison 1740-1804 WRC  
William Hutchison    
David Ireland
one negro servant
Peter Jones    
John Kennedy    
Robert Kennedy    
John Kerr/Kehr    
Martin Kieffer/Cefer    
Nathaniel Landon    
Jacob Lang    
William Layton    
John Livingston    
Thomas Love    
Cornelius Low    
John Lytle    
John Maxwell    
James McAfee 1740-1814 WRC  
Felix McCloskey    
Charles McClung,    
James McClung   s. of John
Matthew McClung    
Gaun McConnell,    
William McCormick 1757-1806 WRC  
Neal McCoy    
Samuel McGhee    
George McGhee    
John McGowan    
John McKnight d. 1824 Revolutionary War soldier Nancy d. 1813
William McKnight    
Alba McMath    
William McWilliams 1714-1798 Revolutionary War soldier  
James Mecklem    
Robert Miles    
William Miles    
Michael Minegar    
Abigail Moodie    
John Montgomery d. 1792   m. Christina Foster
John Montgomery, Jr. 1760-1836    
Robert Montgomery 1762-1814 WRC m. Catherine Frick
Barney/Barnabas Murray WRC  
John Nelson    
James Patton    
Daniel Perrine    
Thomas Phillips    
Samuel Pollock    
Adam Prunner    
Robert Rhea    
Andrew Russell WRC  
William Russell    
Edward Ryan    
John Ryan    
John Scott    
William Shaw one servant and one negro woman, WRC  
John Shearer    
Jacob Shipman    
Philip Schultz    
Garret Sickles    
Jacob Smith    
John Smith WRC  
Matthew Smith    
Robert Smith WRC  
Thomas Stadden    
Henry Sterritt    
Ralph Swartwout    
Catherine Swisher    
Robert Taggart    
Frederick Taylor d. 1804 Turbotville, WRC m.Nancy Gailey
William Taylor WRC  
Thomas Toner    
John Tweed 1748-1806 Revolutionary War soldier, WRC  
Peter Vandeevnor    
John Vandegrift    
Richard Vanderhoof    
John Vandyke    
Garret VanReper/Van Riper from NJ m. Mary Looker from Isle of Wight
John VanReper    
Daniel Vincent 1760-1827 Revolutionary War soldier,WRC  
James Watts/Watt b. 1733

Killed by indigenous warriors, at Fort Freeland in 1779

m. Ann Walker
John Watt    
James Welsh 1745-1826   Jane 1744-1821
John White    
Isaac Williams    
Fleming Wilson 1842-1829    
James Wilson WRC  
John Wilson WRC  
John W. Wilson WRC  
Samuel Wilson    
Samuel Wilson    
Bernard Winteringer    
John Wood/Woods WRC  
William Wykoff    


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