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The Fridley Family in Shelby County, Ohio


In 1607 the London Company established Virginia as the first permanent New World English colony.

Louis Fridley was born in 1777 in Viginia.

He married Susannah Bradshaw in Rockingham County, Virginia

George Fridley (1801),
Polly Fridley (1805, married John Wilson),
Dinnnah Fridley (1806, married Dimick Cole),
Jacob Fridley (1809),
Joshua Fridley (1811, married Sally Clore, and Julia Ann Holt),
Phebe Fridley (1814, married Silas Allen),
Isaac Fridley (1816),
Catherine Fridley (1820, married Perry Hedges),
John W. Fridley (1822).


In 1808, Louis Fridley and his wife, Susannah, emigrated from Virginia, and settled in Madison, and began the work of hewing a home out of the virgin forest. They raised a family of nine children, who were a great help to them in their pioneer work.

They were:
George, who lives in Shelby county;
Jacob lives in Missouri;
John in Shelby county;
Polly married John Wilson, and is now deceased;
Diana married Dimick Cole;
Catharine married Perry Hedges;
Phebe married Silas Allen;

Joshua [Fridley] married Sally Clore, and lives on the southwest corner of section thirty-five. She died, and he married Julia Ann Hott. He had, by his first wife, Peter, Louis, and Iva; by his second wife, George, Joanna, Clinton, Stephen, and Charles.

Joshua Fridley has always been a great hunter, when a boy bringing in a great deal of small game. At one time he run a deer down, with two dogs, the larger of which brought the animal to bay, and seized it by the throat, killing it. In his late years he has been a great marksman, and has won many deer, and quarters of beef, at shooting matches. He now has in his possession a target-gun, the barrel of which is about four feet in length, and weighs thirty-one pounds. At his present age, sixty-eight, he is not afraid to shoot against the improved globe sighted guns with his old weapon.

American pioneers migrated west to settle areas not previously inhabited by European Americans.

George Fridley was born in 1801 in Rockingham County, Virginia. He was the son of son of Lewis and Sarah Fridley.

He married Eliza Allen on March 18, 1828. Eliza was born in 1805 in Butler County, Ohio. Her father was Joseph Allen born 1788 in Virginia. Her mother was Mary King.

Lewis B. Fridley,
Harvey W. Fridley,
John Monroe Fridley (1835, married Elizabeth Taylor),
Laura J. Fridley,
Susanna C. Fridley,
Phebe A. Fridley,
Hannah O. Fridley,
Melvina Fridley,
Susanna C. Fridley,
Phebe A. Fridley,
Hannah C. Fridley.

George bought two lots of potatoes, one trowel, nails & almanack, spotted sow, 4 pigs, one sow and a wheelbarrow wheel at David Taylor's estate sale.

Butler County, Ohio was established in 1803 from Hamilton and Ross Counties.

John W. Fridley was born in 1822 in Shelby County, Ohio. He was son of Lewis and Susannah Fridley.

He married Martha Jane Young.

Their children included:
Adam Fridley (1851, married Mary Rosana Hansel),
Sarah L. Fridley (1852),
Jason B. F. Fridley (1858),
John W. A., Fridley (1862), and
Eliza Lovina Fridley (married Harrison Dill son of Ann Taylor).


John Monroe Fridley was born in 1835 in Shelby County Ohio. He was son of George and Eliza Fridley.

He married Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth and John's children included:

George Fridley (1860)
William Fridley (1861)
Eliza Fridley (1863)
Jacob Franklin Fridley (1865)
Amanda Jane Fridley (1868)
May Fridley (1870)
Emma Fridley (1873)
Minnie Olive Fridley (1875)


Elizabeth Taylor Fridley



George Fridley Retired Farmer; P . 0..Anna, Ohio.
Mr. Fridley, a son of Lewis and Susan Fridley, was born in Rockingham County, Va , July 9, 1801.

He was brought to Ohio in 1804 by his parents, who located, in Pickaway County, where young Fridley passed his minority on a farm. On the 18th day of March, 1828, he married Miss Eliza Allen, of Fairfield County, Ohio, born November 8, 1805, daughter of Whiting and Hettie Allen.

Mr. and Mrs. Fridley settled in Pickaway County, Ohio, until September, 1833, when they came to Shelby County, and settled on a part of section 35, Franklin Township, north of boundary line, on which they remained forty-seven years, when they, left their farm, and moved to Anna, where they are now living a retired life.

They reared a family of eight children, viz , Lewis B , Harvey W , John M.. Laura J , Susanna C , Phebe A , Hannah O , and Melvina. Susanna C, Phebe A , and Hannah C. are dead.

The remaining five are all married, and have families. Mr. Fridley's father, Lewis Fridley, was a soldier in the war of 1812.


John W. Fridley, son of Lewis and Susannah Fridley, was born in Pickaway County, O., Feb. 14, 1822, where his boyhood days were spent on a farm. In the spring of 1847 he came to Shelby County and made his home with his brother George Fridley, in Franklin Township. About three years before to his coming to this county, or in 1844, he purchased the S. E . quarter of section 123, Dinsmore Township. During the summer of 1847 he erected a dwelling on his land, and made some other improvements. October 10, 1847,

he married Miss Martha J., daughter of Adam and Sarah Young. Miss Young was born in Pickaway County, O., Sept. 8, 1824, and came to this county with her parents in 1830 or 31. Mr. and Mrs. Fridley settled on his land in Dinsmore Township, on which they have since resided.

They reared a family of five children, viz., Adam, Sarah L., Jason B. F., John W.A., and Eliza L.

Mr.Fridley has made farming his principal vocation, and now owns a good farm of one hundred and sixty acres, which be is conducting with success.


From History of Shelby County, Ohio

John H. Fridley, son of George and Eliza Fridley, was born in Franklin Township, Shelby County, Mar. 31, 1835, where he passed his minority days.  He has made farming his vocation, and now owns a good farm in section 24, Dinsmore Township, on which he has resided since 1863. 

Dec. 16, 1856, he married Miss Elizabeth, daughter of John and Margaret Taylor who was born in Dinsmore Township, this county, Sept. 3, 1836.  By this union he has ten children, three sons and seven daughters.

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