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Robert Robins

The first European settlements in Maryland were made in 1634 when English settlers created a permanent colony.

Alcohol played a significant role in the daily lives of colonists; even children. They feared polluted water and believed in alcohol's nourishing and medicinal properties.

Robert Robins was born about 1626 in England.

His first wife was named Elizabeth.

Their children may have included:
Richard Robins (m. Lydia Shuttleworth)
John Robins

Robert brought his family to Charles County, Maryland where they settled in Charles County. In 1648 he demanded 250 acres for transporting himself, his wife and his child. Warrant for Cedar Point near George Manners and Stephen Salmon.

In 1649 he testified that William Thompson's will was was signed by Thompson.

Robert was burgess for the Newtown Hundred in 1650-1651.

In 1654, Robert was a witness to Thomas Harris' will.

In 1658. Thomas Wills testified

That sometime in May last, Hee this Dept being aboard Mr Hunnifords Vessell, Elizabeth the Wife of Robt Robins came on board, wth some poeple of New-Towne (as this Dept thinketh) two or three howers before night,

& there stayd drinking in the Vessel all tht night. The foresd Hunniford assigning her his Cabbin to lye in, & did lye downe privately by her, for the space of halfe an howre,

And whilst they were thus together This Dept heard the sd Elizabeth utter words to this effect. Bidding Mr Hunniford be quiett for Mr Wills was awake yett,

Elizabeth and Robert were separated legally by 1659.

On May 4, 1657 William Hanson swore in court that they were at the Bowles plantation and Robert accused William Heard of having an illicit sexual relationship.

Herde you Rogue, you Swived your Sister from tree, to tree, and I will have you to the Court

In 1662, William Bowles left him personal property.

He had a mistress named Elizabeth Weeks. She was the widow of William Weeks. They had at least one child.

His second wife was named Margaret. Their children may have been John Robins, Elizabeth Robins (m. John Banister).

In 1677 he witnessed, oversaw, and appraised Henry Barnes' estate.

Robert was the assistant pressmaster in 1680 and1681.

Colonial Maryland used the headright system to encourage settlement. Land was granted to anyone who would pay fthe transportation costs of a laborer.




from Charles County Circuit Court Liber D, supplement Page 41

14 Jun 1670;
Indenture from Robert Robins, planter,
to William Hensey, planter;
a parcel of land near Pekeywaxen Creek;
bounded by Richard Smith and Robert Henley; /s/ Robert Robins;
wit. Tho. Mathews, Samll. Cressey

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